25 January, 2014

Full Album Stream: Culted: Oblique To All Paths – new album


If you, like me, need something to calm yourselves down after this year's Kitzbühel downhill ski race, I recommend CULTED's new album ‘Oblique To All Paths’. (Btw, even if you are not into skiing, screaming at the TV set works great in case you are trying to get rid of annoying visiting sister/brother-in-law, and the next best thing is to put one of these “full album streams” here full volume if forced to entertain undesired guests, heh.) You see, according to some very confidential sources, CULTED have never actually been in the same room and still manage to make fine music together; guitarists, bassists, percussionists and noise artists Michael Klassen and Matthew Friesen and drummer Kevin Stevenson are from Canada, while vocalist Daniel Jansson resides in Gothenburg, Sweden. CULTED's sophomore full-length and their first release in over four years, “a stunningly haunting and grim piece of sprawling doom metal and the perfect soundtrack to a desolate, barren winter”, is out now everywhere, since January 21st, 2014, on Relapse Records. Buy ‘Oblique To All Paths’ which, according to CVLT Nation, “needs a lot of commitment from the listener (not just [because of] its dense arrangements and wretched vocals but [also because of] its harrowing and bleak atmosphere) but the reward is ultimately worth it for what is an early doom gem for the year” (more here) as CD or double LP here (Relapse Records store) or digitally from iTunes, BandCamp here:

The CULTED collective was forged in 2007 when members of black metal band OF HUMAN BONDAGE (from Winnipeg, Canada) Michael Klassen, Matthew Friesen and Kevin Stevenson, heard Daniel Jansson's DEADWOOD project (Gothenburg, Sweden) and had contacted the Swede. Although they, the CULTED, have reportedly yet to speak to each other in real time, they apparently connect in mind and spirit through their musical manifestations; in 2009, they released their debut full-length album of bleak and dystopian doom entitled ‘Below The Thunders Of The Upper Deep’, followed by ‘Of Death And Ritual’ EP in 2010, both releases serving as a true testament to their long-distance accomplishments:

CULTED features: Daniel Jansson - words, voice and ambience, Matthew Friesen - guitar, bass, percussion and noise, Michael Klassen - guitar, bass, percussion and noise, Kevin Stevenson - drums, percussion with Erik Larsen - additional sound, modular synths

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