07 January, 2014

Suicidal Angels: Divide And Conquer – new album & In The Grave - new video


Relentless thrashers SUICIDAL ANGELS are back with their fifth full-length, ‘Divide And Conquer’; covered once again with distinctive art by Ed Repka (“If you notice, in the pit, it’s not people fighting, it’s zombies. Also, the crowd isn’t human, they are zombies. They are the souls of people who have no human feelings anymore. They represent the ugliness and the inhumanity of the humans. Thus, turned into something else, they are easier to be conquered and manipulated.”), the album is due out in Europe on January the 10th, 2014 and in North America on January the 14th through NoiseArt Records. ‘Divide And Conquer’ was recorded at Music Factory/Prophecy Studios in Germany and mixed and mastered by Fredrik Nordstrom at Fredman Studios in Göteborg, Sweden (“He managed to combine the old school feeling of our music with an up to date production of 2013, absolutely massive!”). The album is available in different formats here (NoiseArt store) and here (Nuclear Blast store), and awaits your order on iTunes, Amazon etc:

Formed by guitarist and singer Nick Melissourgos in 2001 in Athens, Greece, SUICIDAL ANGELS have spent their early years recording and releasing demos, as Melissourgos and drummer Orfeas Tzortzopoulos had kept adding and loosing bandmembers. In 2004, they recorded their first, self-financed EP ‘Bloodthirsty Humanity’, followed by a four-track mini CD called ‘Armies Of Hell’ (2005). In 2006, SUICIDAL ANGELS signed with OSM Records through which they released their debut full-length, Colin Davis-mixed and mastered, ‘Eternal Domination’ in 2007. The band recorded their second album with producer R.D. Liapakis; ‘Sanctify The Darkness’ was released in 2009 on Nuclear Blast Records:
“…if anyone doubts their [SUICIDAL ANGELS'] commitment to '80s worship, he/she need only listen to ‘Sanctify The Darkness’,” [wrote Alex Henderson, AllMusic] “This is a 2009 recording that parties like it’s 1985. … Lyrically, no one will mistake SUICIDE ANGELS for a Christian metal band; these Greeks spend a lot of time addressing the darker side of Christianity's history. And if their views on organized religion remind moshers of SLAYER during the ‘Hell Awaits/Reign In Blood/South Of Heaven’ period, that is no coincidence; SLAYER has influenced SUICIDAL ANGELS' lyrics as well as their pummeling riffs.” [More here]
The band's third effort, ‘Dead Again’, was released in 2010 via NoiseArt Records, followed by ‘Bloodbath’ in 2012.
SUICIDAL ANGELS features: Nick - guitar and vocals, Chris – guitar, Orfeas – drums and Angel - bass

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