11 January, 2014

Iskald: Nedom Og Nord – new album


Time permitting, I do enjoy writing this blog; for example, I’ve just learned plenty of interesting stuff about Bodø, the southernmost town north of the Arctic Circle, “the town [which apparently] provides a fascinating mixture of superb nature and a modern, urban and vibrant lifestyle [and where] you will sense the informal and friendly atmosphere amongst its population” and from where, when they are not too busy simply enjoying this “vibrant town, excellent for shopping, cultural and sports and leisure activities”, ISKALD (Nordlandish for “ice cold”) operate. They, mainly guitarist, bassist, keyboardist and vocalist Simon Larsen and drummer and vocalist Aage Krekling, are back with ISKALD's fourth album ‘Nedom Og Nord’, “by far their most epic album to date, containing six long masterpieces”, according to Indie Recordings who are just about to release it, come January the 14th, 2014 (Germany and Austria on January the 17th). ISKALD's first album to bear the band's mother-tongue title and one that delivers the track ‘Iskald’, “a monumental hymn dedicated to the surroundings and people of their home: Nordland”, awaits your order here (Indie Recordings store – top right corner) and on iTunes, Spotify etc.

ISKALD was started by Simon Larsen and Aage Krekling in 2005 in Sortland, (“Sortland the Blue City has become the centre of local, national and international attention; it all began in conjunction with the new millennium observances: Sortland was given the idea of painting the city blue”) Norway. After recording the self-financed ‘Northern Twilight’ EP some months later, the pair had relocated south to Bodø where they continued to work on their debut longplayer. In 2007, Indie Recordings issued ‘Shades Of Misery’ album which “at its peak”, managed to “hit you like a snow blizzard, and at it most melodic, the brilliant riffs sent shivers down your spine”. Following the release, ISKALD was invited to perform at 2008's Inferno Festival. Marking a new era in the band's career, ISKALD's successful second LP, 2008's ‘Revelations Of Reckoning Day’ led to their first European tour with guitarist Ben Hansen and bassist Kenneth Henriksen completing the live line-up: 
In 2011, Larsen and Krekling returned with ISKALD's third full-length, ‘The Sun I Carried Alone’, which failed to impress many a self-appointed metal music critic, yet which spurred Indie Recordings into renewing its contract with the band:
ISKALD features: Simon Larsen – guitar, bass, keyboards and vocals and Aage Krekling – drums and vocals and live/session members Ben Hansen – guitar and Kenneth Henriksen – bass

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