11 January, 2014

Full Album Stream: Waldgeflüster: Meine Fesseln – new album


Well, I won’t pretend I didn’t copy-paste this band's name but never you mind that now, because WALDGEFLÜSTER's new album ‘Meine Fesseln’ (German for "my shackles”) is streaming in its “earthy, atmospheric black metal tour de force” entirety right here (Terrorizer), right now and should excite you enough into ordering the record from here (the band's store) or from here (Bindrune Recordings store). ‘Meine Fesseln’ will be eventually available on BandCamp as digital download as well. The album, out now, January the 10th, 2014 on Black Blood Records in Europe and on Bindrune Recordings in North America, is generating quite a buzz around the web, with Decibel describing it as “beautiful in its depressive glory” and Terrorizer as “passionate and emotive without ever missing the mark and descending into schmaltzy melodrama, and exuding a warm, heartfelt atmosphere that’ll have you reaching for that play button again and again”. WALDGEFLÜSTER (apparently “Whispering Forest” in German) is the brainchild of one very precise gentleman who calls himself Winterherz and who reached out to some high-profile guest musicians and longtime friends in order to make this record: on drums Tobias Schuler, on solo guitar, mandolin and vocals A. Lunn, on violin Johann Becker, on kantele Janne Väätäinen, on piano Lukas Danninger, with additional vocals by Arvagr and electronics by Aimo Fuchs:
“ ‘Meine Fesseln’ is a stirring album that embraces a woodland black metal aesthetic, while implementing folk and emotive atmospheres to encourage the listeners thoughts to wander through landscapes where the mist holds court over the land. The sound is able to capture the recondite might of nature by harmonic but also overwhelming melodies, while the lyrics underline the projected thoughts and feelings, thereby perfecting the style. This is atmospheric pagan black metal at its absolute finest:”

WALDGEFLÜSTER (“is black metal: emotional, profound, nature-bound…”) is a solo project for musician Winterherz, which he founded in 2005, in Munich, Germany. Three months later, he recorded the projects first demo, ‘Stimmen Im Wind’, which was issued in 2006 through Irminsul Records, followed by debut album ‘Herbstklagen’, released on Black Blood Records in 2009, and a concept album, ‘Femundsmarka – Eine Reise In Drei Kapitel’, in 2011:

WALDGEFLÜSTER features: Winterherz - guitar, vocals and lyrics and live musicians Domi – guitar, Roman – guitar, Arvagr – bass and Tom – drums

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