21 April, 2012

Full Album Stream: 16 : Deep Cuts From Dark Clouds – new album


16, the band whose interests include morning vomiting, hilarious nihilism, character assassination and tinnitus, have their new album, ‘Deep Cuts From Dark Clouds’, streamed in its “as pissed but not as pissed” entirety here at Invisible Oranges, here (BandCamp), and below. 16's next masterpiece of bleakness is due on April 24th, 2012 via Relapse Records therefore, without further ado, head over to Relapse store here and buy the album because “never has extreme depression and despair sounded so good!” ‘Deep Cuts From Dark Clouds’ was recorded with Jeff Forrest at Double Time Studios in San Diego, California and mastered by PIG DESTROYER's Scott Hull at Visceral Sound Studios. The album's artwork was created by Orion Landau.


16: Deep Cuts From Dark Clouds


16 was formed in 1992 in Santa Ana, California by guitarist Bobby Ferry, vocalist Cris Jerue, and drummer Jason Corley. With bassist Tony Baumeister joining in a year later, 16 released their first full-length, ‘Curves That Kick’ in 1993 on Bacteria Sour label. Their recording debut, described by Phil Freeman, AllMusic as “the edgy aggression that hangs thick in the air just before a bar fight, translated into music” can be listened to below and bought here (BandCamp):


16: Curves That Kick


Recorded in 1994, ‘Drop Out’ was issued by Pessimiser/Theologian Records in 1996. “Heavier, more musically ambitious, and less indebted to Midwestern noise rock than their debut”, as put by Phill Freeman, AllMusic, the album marked the departure of drummer Jason Corley who was replaced by Andy Hassler and the addition of Phil Vera as the group's second guitarist. Buy ‘Drop Out’ here (BandCamp) if you like what you hear below:


16: Drop Out

16's next record came in 1997; ‘Blaze Of Incompetence’ was followed by a U.S. tour, firing of Andy Hassler, hiring of R.D. Davies who apparently “overdosed on heroin six months later” and who was consequently replaced by Mark Sanger. Misfortunes aside, listen to the album below and buy it here (BandCamp):


16: Blaze Of Incompetence


By the time their next album,  ‘Zoloft Smile’, was released in 2002 (At A Loss Recordings), founding member Bobby Ferry and bassist Tony Baumeister had both quit the band. Phil Vera carried on as the lone guitarist, until he was forced to assume vocal duties as well, as alcohol and drug dependency sent Cris Jerue off to rehab. 16 disbanded in 2004. Fery, Jerue, Corley and Baumeister reassembled 16 in 2007, signed with Relapse Records and recorded their fifth album. ‘Bridges To Burn’ was issued in 2009:

“But in 2009, the earth rumbled, and the massive plains parted and belched up another slab of 16. … The gentlemen can still come up with brutal metal grooves that crawl along and sound absolutely monstrous. You’ll be hard pressed to find songs in the modern metal world that match the sheer mighty onslaught of such delightful ditties as ‘Throw in The Towel’, ‘Skin & Bones’, and ‘Thorn In Your Side’ among others. Without question, ‘Bridges To Burn’ is a 100-percent mega metal release,” [complimented Greg Prato, AllMusic – more here:]


16: Bridges To Burn


Mateo Pinkerton (formerly of BUZZOVEN, CROM) has since become 16's new drummer.

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