12 April, 2012

The Atlas Moth: Your Calm Waters – new video & An Ache For The Distance – full album stream

Well yes, I can finally do something about not paying my due last year to this fine group from Chicago, Illinois, THE ATLAS MOTH. Their new video, sponsored by Scion AV and directed by Ryan Oliver, is described as “dark, impressionistic and features candle-lit incantations and a burial at sea: not for the faint of heart”, therefore cautious approach is advised. The tune itself is taken from THE ATLAS MOTH's second full-length ‘An Ache For The Distance’, released in September 2011 on Profound Lore Records. Produced by Andrew Ragin and mastered by James Murphy, listen to the album here (BandCamp) or below and buy ‘An Ache For The Distance’ here (Profound Lore):
“Reaching into every corner of the musical world for inspiration, the album feels as if it’s sitting at some kind of sonic crossroad, acting as the focal point where the endless nomenclature of the heavy metal world crosses paths with spacy art rock and blues. … What makes THE ATLAS MOTH so successful isn’t their ability to draw an all-encompassing pool of influences into their sound, but their ability to get those elements to coalesce into something greater than the sum if its parts, and that’s exactly what the band has done on ‘An Ache For The Distance’. … With a real combination of thoughtful craftsmanship and genuine movement, ‘An Ache For The Distance’ is an album that doesn’t just instantly engage the listener, but also stands up to repeated visits, making for one of the more intense and rewarding post-metal albums to emerge out of the post-Isis landscape,” [complimented Gregory Heaney, AllMusic – more here:]

THE ATLAS MOTH, featuring bassist Alex Klein, drummer Anthony Mainiero and guitarists and singers Stavros Giannopoulos, David Kush and Andrew Ragin, who handles the synth as well, self released an EP ‘Prey For Tides’ in 2008: (Listen to the 5-track recording below and if you like what you hear, buy it here:
Again recorded and mixed by the band's own Andrew Ragin, THE ATLAS MOTH released their full-length debut, ‘A Glorified Piece Of Blue Sky’, on Candlelight Records in 2009. (Listen to the full album below or here via BandCamp:)
“The grandiose riffing, hoarse roars, and crooned backing vocals of ‘Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence’ all but require the mailing of a royalty check to Aaron Turner of ISIS,” [mused AllMusic's Phil Freeman] “But THE ATLAS MOTH always add something that’s uniquely theirs to each song, in this case a high-pitched black metal screech and some seriously stoneriffic guitar. This is an impressive full-length debut by a promising American metal band,” [read the rest here:]
A suggestively titled EP, ‘One Amongst The Weeds’, followed in 2010 on Candlelight Records. The 4-track recording which includes a memorable cover ‘California Dreamin'’ (by THE MAMAS & THE PAPAS) is available for your listening pleasure below or here (BandCamp):


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