30 April, 2012

All Else Fails: Obsidian Walls – new video & The Oracle, What Was, Is, And Could Have Been – full album stream



If they could, they would change the world for the better - and that day might yet come; in the meanwhile they have a new video out, again directed by the band's vocalist and guitarist Barrett Klesko as was ALL ELSE FAILS' previously released clip, ‘Rebirth’, which is available below. Both tunes come off the band's second album, ‘The Oracle, What Was, Is, And Could Have Been’, released on Suicidal Bride Records in August 2011, produced, mixed and mastered by seemingly unstoppable Barrett Klesko. The 13-track full-length has been received well by fans and critics alike, even recently being nominated “Best Metal Album of The Year” at this year's upcoming Edmonton Music Awards. Listen to ‘The Oracle, What Was, Is, And Could Have Been’ here or via player below and buy the album here (BandCamp). Furthermore, ALL ELSE FAILS are offering “some punk songs they love” for free download and if interested, do just that here (BandCamp) under ‘Ruins Punk For Everyone’.


ALL ELSE FAILS: The Oracle, What Was, Is, And Could Have Been


Hailing from St. Albert, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and obviously socially conscious (they’ve recently performed at the first annual Blankfest Calgary - clothing fundraiser for the homeless - raising nearly $1000 and 200 blankets) as their bio claims they are, but as to when ALL ELSE FAILS started playing their brand of punk mixed with metal infused with experimental elements, namely classical music and electronica (not missing spoken word sampling)… well that seems to be well guarded secret. The band has played with major touring acts such as FEAR FACTORY, THREAT SIGNAL, CITY OF FIRE, 3 INCHES OF BLOOD and CANCER BATS, and has released their debut full-length recording, ‘Against The Darkening Sky’, in 2009. Listen to the album below and buy it here (BandCamp):


ALL ELSE FAILS: Against The Darkening Sky


ALL ELSE FAILS features: Barrett Klesko: vocals, guitar and programming, Seedy Mitchell – bass and vocals, Mike Sands – guitar and Tom Wolf – drums



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