05 April, 2012

Soen: Delenda – new video



‘Delenda’ comes from SOEN's debut album ‘Cognitive’ which was released in February 2012 through Spinefarm Records. The record was produced by Grammy-winning producer Dave Bottrill and mastered by João Carvalho. Both videos SOEN have released thus far were directed by Patric Ullaeus. You can get your copy of ‘Cognitive’ here or download the album from iTunes.

“Even though ‘Cognitive’ is a highly derivative effort, SOEN manage to make their music relevant or even eminently desirable for those who await the next TOOL album with interest. Unlike copious clones, SOEN are actually remarkably skilled musicians who have an uncanny knack for crafting arresting songs from familiar ingredients. Such tracks as ‘Delenda’ and ‘Canvas’ abound with adventurous progressions and flashy, yet hardly self-indulgent musicianship. The instruments are in full cooperation with one another, which results in an admirably technical, focused sound,” [commented Greg Fisher, Sputnik Music – read the rest here]

SOEN was initially conceptualized in 2005 by drummer Martin Lopez (formerly of OPETH, AMON AMARTH etc.) and guitarist Kim Platbarzdis. Five years later, the pair recruited vocalist Joel Ekelöf and accomplished bassist Steve DiGiorgio (DEATH, TESTAMENT, CHARRED WALLS OF THE DAMNED etc.) and the idea finally became reality.



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