19 April, 2012

The Wretched End: Inroads – new album


Enjoy THE WRETCHED END's new album, ‘Inroads’, in its ferocious entirety here via Terrorizer (the stream has since ended). ‘Inroads’ is set for April 23rd, 2012 release on Candlelight Records and on Samoth's (also known as Tomas Thormodsæter Haugen) own imprint label Nocturnal Art Productions. ‘Inroads’ was recorded in 2011 in Strand Studio. THE WRETCHED END employed the talents from Trine + Kim Design studio for the album design (“following up in the same cold, desolate and apocalyptic style”) and have recorded a music video for the track ‘Death By Nature’, shot and edited in rural Norway in cooperation with the Canadian artist VEX (Vedi Djokich), which is available for your viewing pleasure below.

THE WRETCHED END was formed in 2008 by guitarist Samoth (EMPEROR, ZYKLON) and bassist and vocalist Cosmo (MINDGRINDER). The two talented Norwegians, who have previously worked together on the deathpunk project SCUM, composed material for their debut album already in 2008, enlisted fellow Scandinavian drummer Nils Fjellström (of DARK FUNERAL, AEON etc fame) in 2009, completed the recording of their debut ‘Ominous’ in 2010 and released it through Nocturnal Art Productions and Candlelight Records. ‘Ominous’ was received well by both press and fans, and has found its way on many a magazine's list of best albums released in 2010.


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