22 April, 2012

Full Album Stream: Wodensthrone: Curse – new album


CDs like ‘Curse’ don’t just get recorded – they are created, if we are to believe the press release. CDs such as ‘Curse’ (and I’m walking a very fine blasphemous line here) are not simply produced, they are taken to “a whole new level of majesty and mastery with meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail”. The creators, the heathens are WODENSTHRONE and the helper is none other than reverend Greg Chandler (of ESOTERIC fame) of Priory Recording Studios. The shrine was built by Candlelight Records. ‘Curse’ is due tomorrow, April 23rd, 2012. Burnt offerings are welcome here and here (BandCamp) where you can stream the recording in full as well:

“Now, as Spring takes hold of a troubled world in 2012, WODENSTHRONE return with ‘Curse’, an album that transcends the impermanence of individual nations and cultures to address timeless, universal questions of spirituality and freedom. ‘Curse’ explores mankind's most inherent and profound spiritual flaw; the instinct to lay the responsibility of our fates at the feet of imagined gods, to submit without question to the cultural machinery – religious, political, social, economical – that imposes systems of power and control to exploit, enthral, corrupt and oppress. The result is a tumultuous, dynamic album rich in tension, conflict and a grandeur verging on the terrifying. The diverse musicians that make up WODENTHRONE have unified their experiences and skills to render the grand narratives of ‘Curse’ into a richly evocative heathen epic that dwarfs even its predecessor, a heroic encapsulation in song of mankind's will to rise above its shackles, to pursue true freedom, shun the poisoned comforts of subjugation and stand proudly with values they have won for themselves with the blood and sweat of endeavour, unfettered from gods and masters:”




WODENSTHRONE was formed in Sunderland, England in 2005 by Brunwulf, Wildeþrýð, Gerádwine and Hréowsian. Inspired by greats such as ENSLAVED, MOONSORROW and PRIMORDIAL, the group dedicated itself to create “a sound perfectly formed to address meaningful, thought-provoking themes with passion and dexterity”. After issuing a couple of splits with NIROTH (in 2006) and with FOLKVANG (in 2008), WODENSTHRONE came of age with their debut album ‘Loss’, released through Bindrune Recordings in 2009 to much critical acclaim. Listen to the full album here (BandCamp) or below, courtesy Bindrune Recordings. The album caught the ear of Candlelight Records, who signed the band for a three album deal in 2011.




WODENSTHRONE features: Wildeþrýð – vocals and guitar, Rædwalh – vocals and guitar, Árfæst – keyboards, Gerádwine – bass and Hréowsian – drums and vocals

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