12 April, 2012

OSI: For Nothing – new video



OSI's new video was directed by Jimmy Ahlander; ‘For Nothing’ comes from the duo's fourth undertaking ‘Fire Makes Thunder’, released in March 2012 through Metal Blade Records. In its first week of release, the album broke onto the Billboard New Artist Chart at number 18, it has charted at number 43 on the Hard Music chart in Canada and has entered the Benelux charts at number 139. ‘Fire Makes Thunder’ was recorded by Jim Matheos (guitar, bass, keyboards and programming) and Kevin Moore (vocals, keyboards and programming) at musician's respective home studios while drums were recorded at Gavin Harrison's (PORCUPINE TREE) home in London. The record was produced by both Moore and Matheos, mixed with engineer Matt Sepanic at Sound Farm Studio and Recording Environment and mastered by renowned engineer Roger Siebel. Buy OSI's music here (Metal Blade):

OSI: ‘Fire Make Thunder’ album sampler – courtesy of Metal Blade Records

OSI: Cold Call – courtesy of OSI

OSI: Big Chief II – courtesy of OSI


OSI (named after a former U.S. government department “Office of Strategic Influence”) was formed 2002 by Jim Matheos (FATES WARNING, ARCH / MATHEOS) and Kevin Moore (CHROMA KEY, former DREAM THEATER keyboardist). With Mike Portnoy (ADRENALINE MOB etc) on drums and Sean Malone on bass, OSI's first deliverance of strategic influence came the following year in form of their self-titled debut album:

OSI: OSI – courtesy of Metal Blade Records

Conceived as a studio project, Matheos and Moore did not plan to make a second OSI album. With some spare time on their hands in 2005 though, second album was recorded with Portnoy and bassist Joey Vera. ‘Free’ was issued in 2006 on InsideOut Music, as was the project's debut album, and their third endeavor, 2009's ‘Blood’. ‘Blood’ introduced PORCUPINE TREE's Gavin Harrison on drums and featured guest vocals by OPETH's Mikael Åkerfeldt and NO-MAN's Tim Bowness:

“The sound on ‘Blood’ is basically prog-metal meets alt-metal and alt rock. Prog-metal often has an overt power metal influence; ‘Blood’s approach, however, is PINK FLOYD and KING CRIMSON by way of RADIOHEAD, NIRVANA, grunge, alt-metal and alt rock. Instead of bright, shiny '70s/'80s-like guitars, we’re talking chug-chug riffs and downtuned guitars. ‘Blood’ has its aggressive, forceful moments, but even so, the material is quite melodic - and most of the time, OSI are moody and darkly atmospheric more than anything. Some of that moodiness comes from OSI's appreciation of PINK FLOYD and KING CRIMSON, but some of it comes from their appreciation of RADIOHEAD,” [was precise in his description, heh, Alex Henderson, AllMusic – more here]


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