17 July, 2012

Desaster: Phantom Funeral – new video



“[Offered an explanation guitarist Infernal:] After 23 years of total DESASTER, finally we have our first official video clip! We wanted something in the vein of some 80s video clip stuff, for example VOIVOD's ‘Ravenous Medicine’ and the director fulfilled our wishes! It’s not the usual “50 pictures in a second” MTV-style, but pure art of destruction with great atmosphere! Enjoy!” [Cheerfully added director Oliver “Bomber” Barth of Visions In Fear:] “They wanted it old school - they got it old school!”

‘Phantom Funeral’ comes off DESASTER's latest blasphemous CD ‘The Arts Of Destruction’, spitting on trends and hailing the cult of metal since February 2012 via Metal Blade Records. ‘The Arts Of Destruction’, recorded at ToxoMusic Studios and mixed and mastered at Temple of Disharmony, is, in DESASTER's own words, their best sounding and most brutal album so far. They advise:

“Check it out and create your own view. Bang or be banged!”

Therefore check out their new track ‘Queens Of Sodomy’ below, except it as a free gift from the band and their label here, and then bang over to Metal Blade Records and order the album here or risk being banged!

DESASTER: Queens Of Sodomy – courtesy of Metal Blade Records

Formed in 1988 in Koblenz, Germany, DESASTER (“Representing a second generation of bad spelling, DESASTER took their name from DESTRUCTION's classic track ‘Total Desaster’, and, like their inspiration, showcased a black metal-leaning style of post-thrash throughout their early career,” introduces the band Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic – more here) suffered through much personnel issues at the beginning of their early career, with guitarist Infernal remaining the only original member. DESASTER released a couple of demos in 1993 and 1994, a 7” split with UNGOD in 1995, before recording their fist proper album 1996's ‘A Touch Of Medieval Darkness’, which was followed by the ‘Stormbringer’, a mini-album released in 1997. While recording their second full-length, 1998's ‘Hellfire's Dominion’, DESASTER recorded a tribute CD ‘Homage To The Gods’, with it rendering reverence to their heroes SODOM. DESASTER celebrated their 10th anniversary in 1999 with the ‘Ten Years Of Total Desaster’ double LP, (a vinyl-only release). A split EP with Dutch PENTACLE was released on DESASTER's own label Iron Pegasus in 2000, soon followed by their third full length ‘Tyrants Of The Netherworld’. Okkulto, who contributed vocals since 1992, was replaced by new shouter Sataniac after DESASTER issued another 7”, 2001's ‘Souls Of Infernity’. Their fourth album, ‘Divine Blasphemies’, came out in 2002 and a major label, Metal Blade Records, finally took notice; ‘Angelwhore’ came next in 2005. The group took a brief respite from nonstop touring and recorded their sixth studio album ‘666: Satan's Soldiers Syndicate’ in Harrows Studio in Holland:

“There are a select few who stay true to the genre's roots, especially DESASTER, whose 2007 release, ‘666: Satan's Soldiers Syndicate’, sounds like a direct descendent of such extreme metal landmarks as ‘Black Metal’ [1982's VENOM album]. … Somewhere in a dark underworld, the black metal gods are smiling,” [commented Greg Prato, AllMusic – more here]:

DESASTER: Angel Extermination – courtesy of Metal Blade Records

The band celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2009 with a box set ‘20 Years Of Total Desaster’ and a birthday gig performed on a boat on the river Rhine. Not wanting to become too complaisant, DESASTER released a 7” and a split in 2010.

DESASTER features: Infernal – guitar, Sataniac – vocals, Tormentor – drums and Odin – bass


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