06 September, 2012

Allegaeon: A Path Disclosed – new video



‘A Path Disclosed’ comes from ALLEGAEON's (pronounced: uh-lee-juhn) second album ‘Formshifter’, issued on Metal Blade Records in May 2012. Lyrics-wise touching on space, civilization and philosophy, the album which was recorded in California at Lambesis Studios with Daniel Castleman, reached position number 29 on the Billboard New Artist Chart and position number 99 on the Billboard Hard Rock Albums:

“Sweden might be the home of “Ikea”, ABBA, and melodic death metal, but after listening to ‘Formshifter’, listeners would be surprised to learn that it is not, in fact, the home of ALLEGAEON - who hail from Colorado. The band's sophomore outing channels the melodic fury of AT THE GATES and ARCH ENEMY with an absolute nonstop riff-fest of an album that feels like a direct descendant of the Gothenburg sound in a way that a lot of American bands just can’t capture,” [was impressed with the album as well as showed off his knowledge of a foreign country Gregory Heaney, AllMusic – more here]

Listen to ‘Formshifter’s first two tracks, ‘Behold (God I Am) and ‘Tartessos: The Hidden Xenocryst’, below, download the latter safely and free of charge from Metal Blade here and then wonder over to Metal Blade Records here and order the album:

ALLEGAEON: Tartessos: The Hidden Xenocryst – courtesy of Metal Blade Records

Formed in Colorado in 2008 by guitarist Ryan Glisan who was soon joined by the classically trained guitarist Greg Burgess, vocalist Ezra Haynes and bassist Corey Archuleta, ALLEGAEON, whom some better know as the “Colorado kings of melodic metal”, released their 4-song, self-titled EP in 2008 which brought about a deal with Metal Blade Records:

ALLEGAEON: The Weeds Will Prosper – courtesy of Allegaeon

In 2010, the band released their debut album ‘Fragments Of Form And Function’ or ‘FOFAF’ for short:

“Geographically, things have a way of coming full circle in the music world,” [discovered Gregory Heaney, AllMusic] … One could describe this 2010 release as blackened death metal, although the blackening has to do with the vocals rather than the music itself. From the blistering guitar solos to the ferocious drumming, ALLEGAEON are essentially a Nordic-style death metal band. But the extreme vocals consist of both a death metal-style Cookie Monster growl and a black metal-style rasp, and those two vocal styles are equally prominent on ‘Fragments Of Form And Function’ - which members of ALLEGAEON have described as “melodic death metal”, [he couldn’t quite defragment the album – read the rest here:]

ALLEGAEON: The God Particle – courtesy of Allegaeon

ALLEGAEON: Cosmic Question – courtesy of Allegaeon

ALLEGAEON features: Ezra Haynes – vocals, Ryan Glisan – guitar, Greg Burgess – guitar and Corey Archuleta – bass




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