05 September, 2012

Bury Tomorrow: Knight Life – new video



Melodic metalcore's shining stars, BURY TOMORROW, keep providing new videos; smartly-titled ‘Knight Life’ was directed and produced by Sitcom Soldiers as was the video ‘An Honourable Regin’, available for your viewing pleasure below, whilst ‘Lionheart’ and ‘Royal Blood’ come courtesy video director Tom Welsh. ‘Knight Life’ is taken from BURY TOMMOROW's second studio album titled ‘The Union Of Crowns’, available in your music stores, on your streets and probably in your schools since July 2012 – due thanx to Nuclear Blast Records. The album was met by mostly positive reviews upon its release and had entered UK's Rock Chart at number 6, and Billboard's Top Heatseekers chart at number 25. Buy ‘The Union Of The Crowns’ here (Nuclear Blast Europe) or here (Nuclear Blast USA) and download the track ‘Lionheart’ for free here from Nuclear Blast:

“Amid the barrage of breakdowns and the checkered performance of lead vocalist Dani Winter-Bates, BURY TOMORROW seem to have established a formula that separates them from their peers and has allowed them to avoid the pitfalls MISS MAY I and others have fallen into – in being unable to establish a sound of their own. BURY TOMORROW seem more focused on atmospherics. They have harnessed an ability to write more measured sections, where the aggression is toned down for tasteful instrumentals and this I feel is where they excel most,” [commented Steven Spedding, Sputnik Music – more here]

Formed in 2006 in Hampshire, England, BURY TOMORROW self-released an EP, ‘The Sleep Of The Innocents’, in 2007, followed by their debut longplayer, ‘Portraits’, which came out on Basick Records in the U.K. in 2009, and on Artery Recordings in the U.S. and Japan in 2010:

“ ‘Portraits’ is a British recording with a very American sound. Heaven knows, screamo has given listeners a glut of totally forgettable bands, but ‘Portrairs’ is a generally decent, if mildly uneven, outing from these Southampton residents. That isn’t to say that the material is groundbreaking or distinctive; countless other bands have embraced this type of sound. But BURY TOMORROW do a better job of integrating the extreme and melodic elements than much of the competition,” [gave the record a friendly nod Alex Henderson, AllMusic – more here]

BURY TOMMOROW followed-up with their second EP, ‘On Waxed Wings’, in 2010 and had signed with Nuclear Blast in 2012.

BURY TOMORROW features: Davyd Winter Bates – bass, Mehdi Vismara – guitar, Daniel Winter Bates – vocals, Adam Jackson – drums and Jason Cameron – guitar and vocals







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