07 September, 2012

Murder Construct: Red All Over – new video & Results – full album stream



“The barren desert that is metal music videos could learn a thing or two from Mitch Massie [the video director]. That oasis up ahead of stagnation comprised of dilapidated warehouses, train tracks and weakly thought out storyline scenarios will only poison the metal video realm. Mitch Massie is a goddamned diamond in this wasteland. Our new video ‘Red All Over’ is another great piece of art from one of video's best kept secrets,” [is what vocalist Travis Ryan had to say to Bloody Disgusting where this video was first shown about MURDER CONSTRUCT's new video and its director]

“MURDER CONSTRUCT discharge their ear shattering debut full-length, ‘Results’, with the force of an early morning napalm strike. Boasting an all-star line up of notorious death metal and grindcore veterans including Travis Ryan (CATTLE DECAPITATION), Danny Walker (EXHUMED, INTRONAUT) and Leon Del Muerte (EXHUMED, IMPALED), MURDER CONSTRUCT pummel and pound their way through eleven tracks of bloodthirsty rage. The quintet set forth a lethal dose of death/grind, combining razor sharp guitars, machine gun blasts and homicidal growls with their own twisted brand of experimentation. Results is a violent, uncompromising display of top-notch musicianship and cutthroat songwriting that is sure to leave the listener outlined in chalk,” [is what the press release had to say about MURDER CONSTRUCT new album ‘Results’]

“It’s kind of like witnessing some kind of apocalyptic death match for nerds … oh, the carnage! There are dueling bestial shrieks, dueling six-strings, and dueling polyrhythms (heck, there are probably dueling banjos buried in there somewhere), all of them joined in battle ‘til the bitter end. … So you know the drill: spend a month patiently digesting all of the manifold nuances of this hyper-complex death grind and you’ll inevitably see God - so long as your central nervous system doesn’t collapse along the way,” [added Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic after listening to the aforementioned album – more here]

Already out in North America, ‘Results’ will be set on path of worldwide destruction by Relapse Records on September 10th, 2012. Order the longplayer here (Relapse Records), if capable, as a result of listening to it in full here (BandCamp), here (MetalSucks), or via player available to you below:




Formed in 2001 in Los Angeles, California by Leon del Muerte in order to “create a more raw, stripped down version of the music he was currently writing with other bands” and then “endlessly put on hold”, MURDER CONSTRUCT recorded a 7-song self-titled EP after stabilizing some in 2006. They eventually signed with Relapse Records which unleashed MURDER CONSTRUCT's punishing death/grind (“played with homicidal intent”) in 2010. Get bruised by seven scorching tracks here (BandCamp) or below, and order ‘Murder Construct’ MCD here:


MURDER CONSTRUCT: Murder Construct


MURDER CONSTRUCT features: Travis Ryan (CATTLE DECAPITATION) - vocals, Leon del Muerte (NAUSEA, ex-EXHUMED, ex-PHOBIA, ex-IMPALED) – guitar and vocals, Kevin Fetus (FETUS EATERS) - guitar, Caleb Schneider (BAD ACID TRIP) – bass and Danny Walker (INTRONAUT, ex-EXHUMED, ex-PHOBIA, ex-UPHILL BATTLE) – drums



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