24 September, 2012

Paradise Lost: Fear Of Impending Hell – new video



‘Fear Of Impending Hell’ was directed and produced by PARADISE LOST's own Steve Edmondson and features clips of live performances and behind-the-scenes footage. The tune itself comes from the band's thirteenth album ‘Tragic Idol’, issued through Century Media Records in April 2012. ‘Tragic Idol’ was recorded at The Chapel Studios in Lincolnshire, England and at Fascination Street Studios in Orebro, Sweden and produced, mixed and mastered by Jens Bogren. Its artwork was created by Valnoir and its promotional video, ‘Honesty In Death’, was directed by Matt Green. Listen to ‘Crucify’, yet another ‘Tragic Idol’ song below, and visit MetalSucks for ‘The Last Fallen Saviour’, an exclusive B-side from the album, here. Your shopping should be done here (CM Distro Europe) and here (CM Distro USA) or via iTunes:

“[Vocalist Nick Holmes explained the album's title:] It’s about the beauty and innocence of youth; worshipping another human being with an equal amount of susceptibility to pain, suffering and depression as the next person, but by some chance has been propelled into some godlike status. Adulation eats away and makes the person ugly on the inside, believing their self importance to be above others, not realizing their insignificance and irrelevance in the grand scheme of things.”

“[Understood Marcus Jervis, About.com reviewer:] PARADISE LOST probably won’t appreciate the Hetfield [James, METALLICA] comparison any more than they’ll appreciate being reminded of their ever increasing status as elder statesmen of dark metal, but the bottom line remains that this is a band reaching the pinnacle of its career with class and style, proving beyond doubt that middle age does not necessarily have to result in crisis and middle of the road mediocrity.Maybe there’s a lesson for Hetfield and chums there. … Integrity? Check. Passion? Check. A marvelous album encapsulating everything great about PARADISE LOST? Absolutely, check.” [Read the rest here]

PARADISE LOST: Crucify – courtesy of Century Media Records


Formed in 1988 in Halifax, England, PARADISE LOST issued their debut album ‘Lost Paradise’ in 1990 on Peaceville Records and with it helped define the rules of doom/death metal: “grinding, de-tuned anthems of woe topped with death metal-style guttural vocals, [and] yet, even as they were laying down the blueprint, PARADISE LOST was already reaching for realms unknown to their then-amateurish abilities and latent promise,” [introduces the group Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic – more here.] With added atmospheric nuances and expanding beyond the original death/doom format, PARADISE LOST's second full-length, ‘Gothic’, followed quick in 1991. The group signed to the Music for Nations label through which they issued their “transition album” ‘Shades Of God’ in 1992, followed by their fourth record ‘Icon’ in 1993, described as “nothing short of glorious” by Christopher Anderson, AllMusic. One of PARADISE LOST's most successful albums, ‘Draconian Times’, was released in 1995:

Draconian Times – courtesy of PARADISE LOST official

In 1997 PARADISE LOST kept evolving their sound, surprising their long-time fans with ‘One Second’, with which they bid a farewell to their death/doom beginnings for a while. Dwelling even deeper into experimental rock, ‘Host’ followed in 1999 through EMI Distribution, and ‘Believe In Nothing’ came next in 2001. Heavier and characterized as “the most palatable to the band's disapproving hardcore metal fan contingent” by Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic, the group's ninth album,‘Symbol Of Life’, was issued in 2002 by GUN Records/Koch Records, and was followed by their eponymous album in 2005. Recovering the sound that elevated them in the first place, PARADISE LOST's next recording, 2007's ‘In Requiem’, was welcomed by fans and critics alike. Sticking with their new label, Century Media Records, PARADISE LOST completed their sonic full-circle with their twelfth album ‘Fate Divides Us Death Unites Us’, released in 2009. And yet -

“…could a full-fledged devolution into the primal dirge of the band's formative death/doom origins be next? Don’t hold you breath, but stranger things have happened throughout PARADISE LOST's increasingly intriguing career,” [couldn’t but ask the question Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic – read the rest here:]

Faith Divides Us Death Unites Us – courtesy of PARADISE LOST official

PARADISE LOST features: Nick Holmes – vocals, Greg Mackintosh - lead guitar, Aaron Aedy - rhythm guitar, Steve Edmondson - bass and Adrian Erlandsson – drums




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