13 September, 2012

Winterfylleth: The Threnody Of Triumph – new album




Upholders of English Heritage Black Metal (EHBM), WINTERFYLLETH, have a new album out; released in Europe on September 10th, 2012 and awaiting its North American release on September 25th, 2012 on Candlelight Records, listen to full ‘The Threnody Of Triumph’ right now here (Terrorizer), courtesy the label. Described by Terrorizer magazine as “an album that aptly and vividly captures the feelings of departed loss and reminisced joy” and recorded at Foel Studios aptly set in the idyllic Welsh countryside, do happily hop over to Plastichead here and buy ‘The Threnody Of Triumph’ or pre-order it here (Candlelight store USA):

 WINTERFYLLETH: Void of Light – courtesy of Candlelight Records


Comprised of members from UK doom outfit ATAVIST, WINTERFYLLETH formed in 2007 in Manchester, UK with the noble intent of honoring England's ancestral heritage and rich national culture. WINTERFYLLETH named themselves after the first full moon in October (and the Anglo-Saxon festival of the arrival of winter) and released a demo titled ‘Rising Of The Winter Full Moon’  in 2007, thusly fully disclosing their purpose as well as seriousness with which they eventually won over Profound Lore Records. Released on the Winterfylleth of 2008 and just recently re-mastered by Colin Marston and re-issued by Candlelight Records with two additional tracks, listen to WINTERFYLLETH debut album ‘The Ghost Of Heritage’ here (BandCamp) or below. Kindly buy here (BandCamp):


WINTERFYLLETH: The Ghost Of Heritage


Surviving personnel changes, WINTERFYLLETH retold the tales of England's archaic history, recounted major events and battles and draw inspiration from sites and scenery that grace the English countryside and have played a part in its history once more in 2010. Issued through Candlelight Records and receiving great reviews from metal press, listen to the full ‘The Mercian Sphere’ as well as buy it here (BandCamp):


WINTERFYLLETH: The Mercian Sphere


WINTERFYLLETH features: Christopher Naughton – guitar and vocals, Simon Lucas – drums, Nick Wallwork – bass and backing vocals and Mark Wood - lead guitar

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