13 September, 2012

Full Album Stream: Kontinuum: Earth Blood Magic – new album


KONTINUUM's excellent debut album called ‘Earth Blood Magic’ is out now  in Europe, September 10th, 2012, and can be listened to in its hypnotic and spiritual entirety below, courtesy Candlelight Records. ‘Earth Blood Magic’ was recorded in 2011 at the Sundlaugin studio in Iceland and will be released in North America in January 2013. Listen to it, be impressed by it, and then buy the album which is getting rave reviews across the board here (Plastic Head) and here (Candlelight USA). KONTINUUM's video for ‘Lightbearer’, available below, was created by Alistar Gentry:

Envisioned in 2001 by Reykjavik, Iceland resident and founding and current member of dark metal act POTENTIAM, Birgir Thorgeirsson, who thereafter recorded an EP called ‘Burned And Battered’ - a doom mixed with punk and dark atmospheric metal affair - with drummer Kristjan Heidarsson. The experimental metal project known then as “Pornea” was put on hold during the years that followed as the two musicians were engaged with their other bands:
“After the standard musical frustration, self doubt, and in absence of his main band, Birgir began working on KONTINUUM with more focus,” [indulges the press release. Explaines Thorgeirsson:] “I wanted to make music I liked, honest music with less constraints and room for various genre influences but without leaving my musical roots, one that could surprise, tell me something and take me somewhere. It was and is a spiritual process.”
KONTINUUM features: Birgir Thorgeirsson – vocals and guitar, Engilbert Hauksson – bass, Ingi Þór Pálsson – guitar, Kristján B. Heiðarsson – drums and Thorlakur Thor Gudmundsson – guitar

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