21 September, 2012

Full Album Stream: NettleCarrier: NettleCarrier – new album



Update: Stream the album in full here (CVLT Nation)!

Freezing cold, satanic black metal band with an interesting name, NETTLECARRIER, comprising T.Ciekals who is responsible for guitars and apparently decomposing, drummer Dirge Rep and vocalist and bassist Mannevond, have a brand new evil album out today, September 21st, 2012, courtesy Indie Recordings. The artwork for NETTLECARRIER's debut album set for North American release on September 25th, was created by artist Truls Espedal, known for his painting of ENSLAVED's album covers since 2001. Ritual shopping for sinister black metal by NETTLECARRIER should be performed here if European, and here if North American (Indie Recordings):

  NETTLECARRIER: The Boiling Blood – courtesy of Indie Recordings

NETTLECARRIER: Paa Vaare Paaler Deres Hoder – courtesy of Indie Recordings


Now, according to “One Hundred Years In The Cumberland Mountains” by A. R. Hogue, on the mountains above the head of Nettle Carrier Creek was a village of the Cherokee Indians. In this village were two young braves who were in love with the same Indian maiden. To decide who should marry her, they went to the Chief of the tribe. The old Chief told them to each throw a sprig of green into the water of a nearby creek, and that the one whose sprig was carried the farthest by the water, should marry the girl. One threw a nettle, and the other a thorn. The nettle floated farthest, so this thrower married the Indian maiden, and from that day was called Nettle Carrier. The lucky Indian became chief of his tribe.

This, of course, has probably nothing to do with T. Ciekals and Mannevond who in 2005 felt a burning desire to create a black metal band “that will not sound like any other band” as many an Oslo resident often does. In 2006 drummer Vold felt that same desire for a short while, which resulted in blasphemous 7” vinyl called ‘To Strangle The Hero Of Heaven’, issued in 2009.

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