11 July, 2013

Jungle Rot: Utter Chaos – new video



‘Utter Chaos’ comes off Kenosha, Wisconsin hard working death & groove metal band's, JUNGLE ROT, eighth studio album ‘Terror Regime’, released in March 2013 on Victory Records. The recording of ‘Terror Regime’ took place at Bell City in Racine, Wisconsin with engineer Chris Djuricic, while the album's artwork was once again created by Gyula Havancsák. Check out JUNGLE ROT's previously released videos, ‘Terror Regime’ and ‘Blind Devotion’, below. ‘Terror Regime’ awaits your order here (Victory Records store), here (the band's store) and on iTunes and Amazon:

“What separates JUNGLE ROT apart from many of their peers is their songwriting. They have a way of crafting crushing, catchy and infectious material. ‘Terror Regime’ is eleven songs, and at just under 35 minutes makes for an incredible fast listen. The material is easy to digest, accessible and never overstays its welcome. The release should appease longtime fans and create a new legion of death metal fanatics to expand their fan base,” [wrote Dan Drago, About.com – read the rest here]


Formed in 1994, JUNGLE ROT released their first full-length album, ‘Skin The Living’, in 1995 which, helped by the band's explosive live performances, led to a recording deal with Pulverizer Records in 1998. The release of their second full-length, ‘Slaughter The Weak’, followed immediately. Next, the band paid tribute to their chief influences SLAYER, SODOM and CARNIVORE with an EP entitled ‘Darkness Foretold’, released by S.O.D. Records.

“Proving one can sound original even while tapping into ancient musical genres, JUNGLE ROT have found a way to grasp the exact moment of transition where speedy thrash metal gave way to slower, more intricate death metal (somewhere in the late 1980s). Evident in their excellent third album, 2004's ‘Fueled By Hate’, this heavy metal formula is fast, simple, catchy, and, unlike most new millennium metal – immediate,”

commented the band's 2004 release ‘Fueled By Hate’ AllMusic's Eduardo Rivadavia (more here), while AllMusic's Alex Henderson observed that “JUNGLE ROT still sound like JUNGLE ROT” in 2006 when ‘Warzone’ LP was issued, despite guitarist and vocalist Dave Matise becoming the only original bandmember prior to its release. Through Napalm Records, JUNGLE ROT delivered a straightforward death metal album, ‘What Horrors Await’, in 2009 and, after finding their new home with Victory Records, had put forth an album which “inspired headbanging (during the fast parts) and head-nodding (during the slower parts), and live, it’ll get the mosh pit roiling”, 2011's ‘Kill On Command’:

“The songs are built around powerful drumming, downtuned guitar riffs that blend with the prominent, choppy basslines, and guttural vocals - all the classic elements that have made this style of hardcore-friendly death metal one of the most viscerally satisfying and long-lived styles of underground music across the globe,” [approved Phil Freeman, AllMusic – more here]

JUNGLE ROT features: Dave Matrise – vocals and guitar, James Genenz – bass and backing vocals, Geoff Bub – guitar and backing vocals and Jesse Beahler – drums





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