29 July, 2013

Witherscape: The Inheritance – new album



WITHERSCAPE, the new dark metal outfit formed by Swedish singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Dan Swanö together with fellow Swedish multi-instrumentalist Ragnar Widerberg, have a new album, ‘The Inheritance’, issued through Century Media in Europe today, July 29th, 2013. The album is awaiting its North American unveiling on August the 6th, or so I am informed. On ‘The Inheritance’, vocals, drums and keyboards were handled by Dan Swanö, with Ragnar Widerberg recording all guitars and bass:

[Elaborated Swanö:] “One of the coolest things about WITHERSCAPE is that we actually rehearsed. We were two grown adults getting our coffee and sandwiches, going to the Nightingale rehearsal room, gearing up and rehearsing the material for hours and hours. We’d record everything, take it home and listen to it, pick apart the songs. When all the rehearsals were done and we were satisfied with these tracks, we made a full-scale pre-production.”

[Sound-wise:] “"In terms of the whole feeling I wanted as the WITHERSCAPE sound, I was being pulled in a number of different directions. I came to a point where I felt I was completely over-producing, sort of hiding everything in overdubs, reverbs and delays. I lost the plot because I was thinking 'This must be epic! '. I remember sitting behind the drums one day while we were working on the record, hearing just one guitar playing a riff, and I thought 'This IS fucking epic!' We already had the WITHERSCAPE sound at the beginning; it was just a case of allowing the music to breathe and go where it wanted.”

According to the same trusted source, Dan Swanö, ‘The Inheritance’ is a pretty thick concept album split into different episodes. The story takes place in a remote village in northern Sweden in the late 1800's. It apparently revolves around “the central character [who] lives in Stockholm and comes from wealth and who, upon the death of his family, is informed by the family lawyer that he has inherited a large estate up north. Having been oblivious to the estate's existence, he decides to investigate, and once he’s there all kinds of weird shit happens…”. Get a vague idea of the kind of weird shit happening throughout the recording by briefly observing the album's art created by Travis Smith. ‘The Inheritance’ can be ordered from here (CM Distro Europe), here (CM Distro North America), from iTunes, from Amazon/Amazon MP3:




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