11 January, 2013

Full Album Stream: Denouncement Pyre: Almighty Arcanum– new album

“Few metal bands of the world truly frighten. Whether it’s songs of Satan, ancient fjords, circumcised babies, or dismembered women (far more common than dismembered men, mind you), metal bands have covered it all ad nauseam. And we, as metal acolytes, have become accustomed to that which would normally repulse or scare. But, there are times when bands do project danger, a sense of uncertainty, an unbridled noise that scorches the cockles of our clearly corrupt hearts. Case in point: DENOUNCEMENT PYRE,” [dramatically improved my mood Chris D. of Decibel magazine fame where, incidentally, DENOUNCEMENT PYRE's brand new album is being currently streamed in its unstoppable entirety (also because the people there uploaded the entire album as one track)]
So, after long daring only to whisper about DENOUNCEMENT PYRE's “ascent from ten years of underground darkness up the throne of Luciferian supremacy”, ‘Almighty Arcanum’ has arrived and awaits your pre-orders here (Hells Headbangers). The fierce Aussies' second LP was mastered at Endarker Studios in Sweden, while its artwork was created by Andrei Bouzikov. ‘Almighty Arcanum’ is due January 22nd, 2013 on Hells Headbangers Records, who comment:
“ ‘Almighty Arcanum’ is a veritable abyss of fiery, blackened death metal, but now sharper and more focused than ever. Total Darkness. Total Death. The unification of all that was, is, and will be: await ‘Almighty Arcanum’ :”

According to trusted source (Encyclopedia Metallum), DENOUNCEMENT PYRE released a couple of demos between 2004/2005 as formless entities. Gathering up some sort of form in form of guitarist/bassist and vocalist Decaylust, guitarist Eradicator and drummer Chris Volcano, they have turned up, of all places, in Melbourne, Australia where they issued an 7” EP called ‘Under The Aegis Of Damnation’, followed by ‘Hells Infantry’ EP in 2006, followed by a split with DIOCLETIAN, ‘Chaos Rising’, and another 7” EP, ‘Circle Of The Black Flame’, in 2008. The same trusted source lists Decaylust as the only perpetrator at the time DENOUNCMENT PYRE's first full-length appeared via Hells Headbangers Records; ‘World Cremation’ was released in 2010.
DENOUNCEMENT PYRE these days features artist known only as:  D. – guitar, bass and vocals, R. – bass and L. – drums

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