04 January, 2013

Fuck The Facts: Drift – new video & Die Miserable – full album stream

Canadian grinders, FUCK THE FACTS, have once again inspired director, editor and sometimes animator Michael Panduro; ‘Drift’ comes off the band's ninth album ‘Die Miserable’, released in October 2011 on Relapse Records. Listen to the full album, recorded by the band at their own home studio, mixed by Craig Boychuk and mastered by Alan Douches here (BandCamp) and shop for its CD and LP editions via Relapse Records here. ‘Die Miserable’ artwork was created by the band's vocalist Melanie Mongeon:
“On ‘A Coward's Existence’ I feel like we really were able to make it all work together. The song is from the point of view of someone who doesn’t take any chances in life, because of fear of failure, ridicule… Someone that just waits and hopes for fate to make things happen for them, and before they know it, their time is up and they never got to do all things they wish they had. This is pretty much the basis of the album title ‘Die Miserable’. If we spend all our time worrying about money, what other people will do or think, if we’re good enough to accomplish the things we want to do, that eventually it ends with regret and a void that was never filled because we were to afraid to live the life was always wanted to,” [explained  guitarist Topon Das]
“ ‘Die Miserable’ continues the band's growth and may actually be the most complete, beginning to end, feeling album the band has done. The addition of new, permanent members since the last full length has really pushed the song-writing in FUCK THE FACTS for the better. As usual, Topon Das has come through with some incredible riffs though this time they have a little more old school death metal feel with maybe a hint at some classic rock love as well. I’ve always been a big fan of Mel Mongeon's vocals, I’m constantly amazed by both the power and passion of her voice. It’s easy to feel like she’s standing in front of you yelling at you while beating you over the head to make sure you understand,” [wrote, impressed, Jason Wellwood, Hellbound.ca – read the rest here:]

Before assuming their provocative name, FUCK THE FACTS was originally a nameless studio project conceived by guitarist and vocalist Topon Das in 1997 in Quebec, Canada. Releasing a self-titled full-length cassette in 1999, followed by another full-length cassette entitled ‘Vagina Dancer’ in 2000, Das released his first proper CD, ‘Discoing The Dead’, in 2001. All three efforts were recorded at his home studio and released via his own label/s. Encouraged by positive feedback, Das enlisted drummer Matt Connell, guitarist Tim Audette, vocalist Brent Christoff and bassist Shomir Das who left the newly established band days after recording 2001's EP ‘Four0ninE’. A four-piece now, FUCK THE FACTS released a 37-track 35-minutes long full-length ‘Mullet Fever’ in 2001. Vocalist Christoff was replaced by Mel Mongeon before FTF's next full-length, ‘Backstabber Etiquette’, came out on Grind It! Records in 2002. Touring which took the group across Canada and the U.S. proved too much for guitarist Audette. FTF continued releasing numerous splits as a three-piece after his departure in 2003 until, eventually, completely exhausting the drummer. Tim Olsen was brought in as Connell's replacement, joined by guitarist Dave Menard and bassist Marc-André Mongeon. As quintet, the band took off touring which this time claimed the newcomers, Marc and Dave. Before they left though, they recorded the 2005's EP ‘Legacy Of Hopelessness’. Guitarist Mathieu Vilandré and bassist Steve Chartier (also known as Esteve Decalisse) joined in just in time for FTF's next tour, after which drummer Olsen was “asked to leave”. Consequently, Vilandré would find himself behind the drum kit at the time Relapse Records had sought out the group for a three-album deal. FUCK THE FACTS' seventh full-length, ‘Stigmata High-Five’, was released in 2006 under the fatherly guidance of their new label:
“Ottawa's grind/metal powerhouse FUCK THE FACTS impacts with the subtlety of an atom bomb on their Relapse debut,” [stated the label] “Good old-fashioned grindcore is the name of the game here, and the Canadian group plays by the rules throughout - metronome-precision drumming and riffing abound, as well as vocal screams and growls. No ballads here, folks,” [added Greg Prato, AllMusic – more here:]

After a year long tour that followed the release, FTF parted ways with bassist Steve Chartier “for reasons that aren’t that uncommon”. Yet the group braved on, releasing their eight album, ‘Disgorge Mexico’ in 2008:

“The dreamily, darkly beautiful guitar solo on ‘Dead End’ is as much a part of the arsenal as the power metal pomp-into-neo-thrash rampage on the opening ‘Borders’ but it’s all still Topon Das and company once more. Mel Mongeon's singing remains crucial throughout the album, with showcase moments like her turn on the cascading midsong break on ‘As Empires Expand And Collapse’ being well-deserved attention getters,” [commented Ned Raggett, AllMusic – more here:]

In 2009, FUCK THE FACTS embarked on their first ever European tour by the end of which touring bassist Marc Bourgon would become full-time member. In 2010, the group released their fourth EP entitled ‘Unnamed EP’ followed by their first video offering ‘Disgorge Mexico: The DVD’:

Not known for their laziness, FTF recorded and self-released their fifth EP, ‘Misery’, in 2011; the recording featured guest vocalists Jesse Mathewson  and Elliot Desgagnes and guitar noise by Leigh Newton:

FUCK THE FACTS features: Topon Das – guitar, Melanie Mongeon – vocals, Mathieu “Vil” Vilandré – drums, Marc “Chops” Bourgon – bass and Johnny “Beige” Ibay – guitar


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