06 January, 2013

Royal Thunder: Blue – new video & CVI – full album stream

A day that starts with ROYAL THUNDER is bound to be a good day; ‘Blue’ comes off the band's highly praised debut full length ‘CVI’, issued through Relapse Records in May 2012. The absolute must-have for fans of the Atlanta and Savannah metal and hard rock scene, recorded at Aria Recording Studio in Marietta, Georgia, awaits you here (Relapse Records). Described as “a psych/prog/metal fan's dream come true, a triumphant display of crescendo-ing riffs, sultry vocals and propulsive grooves, way way more than just a brilliant metal album, a sultry southern hard rock thinker of an album that appeals to both the SKYNYRD and the NEUROSIS sides of the brain” awaits to gratify your senses in full here (BandCamp) or below:
“We poured all of our hard work and passion into this 10-song LP,” [explained vocalist and bass player Mlny Parsonz] We saw highs and lows along the way, but in the end we made it. We made something we are so proud of. We look back on our past efforts and take with us the good, and strive to keep going and growing. We can’t wait to see what the future holds and we hope this new album is an inspiration and light in the lives of everyone who listens to it.”
“…Atlanta's ROYAL THUNDER represent a new generation of bands - and the fertile Georgia music scene, in particular - capable of looking beyond those prejudices, and finding new ways to mix and match both styles [alternative rock and heavy metal], along with numerous musical antecedents and later developments, into curious new aural shapes. As a result, the quartet's debut full-length, CVI (literally the Roman numerals for 106, which apparently has cryptic importance to the group), frequently sounds like some ungodly jam session between LED ZAPPELIN, BLACK SABBATH and HUSKER DU! … ROYAL THUNDER ultimately sound like no one but themselves. Obviously, that’s no mean feat nowadays, but apparently that’s what can happen when musical foes are forced to reconcile. Who knew?” [Read the rest of ‘CVI’ review written by Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic, here:]

Atlanta-based four-piece, progressive rock/metal, alternative band ROYAL THUNDER, was founded by lead guitarist Josh Weaver in 2006. Vocalist and bassist Mlny Parsonz joined the group in 2007, bringing along with her drummer Lee Smith. Rhythm guitarist Josh Coleman was soon added to the fold. ROYAL THUNDER self-recorded and released a seven song EP in late 2009, before signing with Relapse Records. The label re-issued the EP in 2010. Listen to it below and buy the ‘Royal Thunder’ here (Relapse store) or here (BandCamp):

ROYAL THUNDER features: Mlny Parsonz – vocals and bass, Josh Weaver – guitar, Josh Coleman – guitar and Evan Diprima – drums


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