14 January, 2013

Sons Of Aeon: Sons Of Aeon – new album


“[SONS OF AEON's guitarist Wille Naukkarinen puts it thusly:] With a few exceptions, I’m personally not interested in today's extreme metal. I like my metal with nuances and soul. Math-based, vacuum-packed bursts of anger just don’t do the trick for me. I like when the drums are played by a musician and not a computer and [I like] albums that sound like they are a result of team work, instead of just being solo efforts of five different musicians. Technical abilities or robot-like preciseness are not a synonyms for quality in my books. And off the record, having famous guest-musicians in your album just for the sake of selling a few more copies is just lame. Why I am writing this is because on some strange spiritual level, I find similarities between some of the nineties [death metal] groups and SONS OF AEON. Just like with these bands, there is something “adventurous” and child-like innocence in us. It’s hard to explain the heart and soul of SOA in few sentences because I feel that the core idea lies more in constant sense of change and exploring, rather than just being a part of a certain genre and settling in. I think that once you hear the album, my words start to make sense. There is everything from old school death metal to chilled out melancholia and from dark hardcore to mid-tempo metal and they’re all equally important parts of what this band is about.”
Sons Of Aeon’, the album, is due January 18th/21st, 2013 in Europe and January 22nd in North America, courtesy Lifeforce Records. The band's, which consist of current and former members of GHOST BRIGADE, SWALLOW THE SUN, CODE FOR SILENCE and ENDSTAND, debut LP awaits you here as digital download here, in its physical form (Lifeforce Records here) and on iTunes and Amazon.

SONS OF AEON features: Tapio Vartiainen – guitar, Wille Naukkarinen – guitar, Pasi Pasanen – drums, Tony Kaikkonen – vocals and Tommi Kiviniemi - bass

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