17 January, 2013

Full Album Stream: Rotten Sound: Species At War – new EP


Finland's finest, ROTTEN SOUND, have their new EP, entitled ‘Species At War’, streamed in full here (BandCamp) and below Their new recording is due in Europe on January 18th, 2012 on Season Of Mist. Celebrate ROTTEN SOUND's 20 years of intensity and mercilessness here (Season Of Mist e-shop):
“Musically ROTTEN SOUND mercilessly attack, delivering the sonic equivalent of an apocalyptic battlefield with their seventh EP ‘Species At War’. True to the tradition of classic grindcore, this stunning inferno is presented in 8:05 minutes. Yet the Finns make every second count. This brutal mind-blowing onslaught of downtuned guitar and bass smashes all resistance. A fierce barrage from the drums pushes relentlessly forward and the vocal growls roll like thunder over the shell shocked ground. Then again, ROTTEN SOUND deliver more than just a musical illustration of the horrors of war. A dark but warm streak runs though their grindcore onslaught enhanced by death metal precision, which expresses such unexpected emotions like melancholy, longing and passion. This might serve to explain together with their outstanding technical abilities, why a band with such extreme intensity hits the charts in their native Finland with each release since the mid-2000s:”

ROTTEN SOUND was formed (“on one insane night”) in 1993 in Vaasa, Finland by guitarist Mika Aalto. After three EPs and a couple of splits they have recorded between 1995 to 1996, ROTTEN SOUND released their debut full-length, ‘Under Pressure’, in 1997 via Repulse/Revenge Records. ‘Drain’ followed in 1998 and ‘Murderworks’ came in 2002:
“This 2002 release gives the listener no room to breathe; from start to finish, ‘Murderworks’ is an exercise in sensory assault for the sake of sensory assault. ROTTEN SOUND almost always plays at the same tempo - insanely fast - and the Scandinavians don’t pretend to be even the least bit melodic,” [absorbed the assault Alex Henderson, AllMusic – more here:]


ROTTEN SOUND's fourth LP, 2005's ‘Exit’, debuted at number 22 on the Finnish Album Charts, with 2006's MCD ‘Consume To Contaminate’ reaching position number 2 on Finnish Singles Chart. Their second Spinefarm release, 2008's ‘Cycles’, propelled the ferocious Finns to position number 12 on their home country's albums chart:

“All in all, ‘Cycles’ sees ROTTEN SOUND jamming 18 face-melting, toe-curling onslaughts into 34 minutes of wholesale devastation - and doing it in style thanks to the aforementioned audio fidelity, which really helps to showcase not only their stupendous instrumental chops, but also the unusually well-considered messages behind the quartet's oftentimes political, always provocative and nihilistic lyrics,” [wrote Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic – more here]
The band's debut on Relapse Records came in 2010 with EP ‘Napalm’ and in 2011 ROTTEN SOUND released their sixth album ‘Cursed’:
“After the apocalyptic [album] ‘Cycles’, I started to think about the reasons behind all the problems we cause to ourselves and this planet. I found myself studying the human nature and I came up with the six curses of humanity that degrade all of us generation after generation, culture after culture and disaster after disaster,” [discovered the reason behind it all vocalist Keijo Niinimaa:]
ROTTEN SOUND features: Sami Latva – drums, Mika Aalto – guitar, Kristian Toivainen – bass and Keijo Niinimaa – vocals

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