12 January, 2013

Winterhorde: Wreckage Ghost – new video & Underwatermoon – full album stream

I usually squirm in my seat when my countrymen/women release metal videos, but WINTERHORDE and Romanian artist Costin Chioreanu who directed the clip, did just fine. ‘Wreckage Ghost’ comes off WINTERHORDE's second full-length album ‘Underwatermoon’, released in 2010 via German label Twilight-Vertrieb and available in full for your listening pleasure and purchase here (BandCamp) and below, as well as on the heels of a true winter storm that battered these shores this past week enough for the band to justify their wintery name. ‘Underwatermoon’ was recorded with producer V. Sentura, and its art was created by Gustavo Sazes. In related news, WINTERHORDE are currently looking for a lead guitarist; if interested visit their Facebook page here for details:
“It wouldn’t be wrong to say that WINTERHORDE do what symphonic black metal band CARACH ANGREN did on their sophomore album, ‘Death Came Through A Phantom Ship’, only do it much better. Unlike the prior, the band is adept at keeping the story-concept serious in its representation on ‘Underwatermoon’, while making sure that the clean vocal sections, female and/or male, don’t disrupt the album's excellent flow. This is a vital point, as what makes the album work as well as it does is found in how its contents seamlessly work together throughout its length, all to come to a triumphant and satisfying close with the light, delicate acoustics of finale ‘Farewell’,” [wrote Sputnik Music reviewer – read more here:]
Formed in 1999 in Nahariya, Israel, WINTERHORDE searched for their identity for a while under the name “Autumn Palace”. As WINTERHORDE they recorded a  4-track demo called ‘In Traditions Of Winter’ which they released in 2004 through SRG Productions. Encouraged by positive feedback, they signed a deal with Greek label Burning Star Records in 2006. Combining melodic black metal with elements of death and progressive metal, WINTERHORDE's debut LP, ‘Nebula’, came through in 2006:
WINTERHORDE features: Horeph – vocals, Lex – guitar, Celestial – bass, Morgenrot – synthesizer and Hesperus – drums

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