04 January, 2013

Loathe: Bucketlove – new video & free song & Desponded By Design – full album stream

Well, from the true land of honey, Malta (derived from Greek word “melite” meaning honey-sweet), come LOATHE a.k.a. Malta's premier metal band. They have recently unleashed upon this world their Cedric Vella-directed video for the first single from their upcoming EP, ‘Lambs To The Slaughter’, which they are giving away for free here (BandCamp). And while there, take time to acquaint yourselves with lyrics that accompany the music composed by a band not known for mincing their words.

Formed in 2001 and operating out of Marsa, Malta, LOATHE had released three EPs and a full length album entitled ‘Despondent By Design’ over the past decade. In 2003, they independently issued their debut EP ‘Abort/Retry/Fail’, followed by ‘Up Close And Personal’ in 2005 and ‘Darkest Night Of The Soul’ in 2007. LOATHE's debut LP came through UK label Casket Music in 2010. Mixed and mastered by David Vella in Temple Studios in Malta, ‘Despondent By Design’ was received positively by fans and critics alike. Listen to the full album here (BandCamp) or below:


LOATHE features: David Fenech - vocals, Karl Cachia - gutar, Kurt Pace - guitar, Mark Debono – bass and Max Vassallo – drums


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