03 January, 2013

Scum Of The Earth: The Devil Made Me Do It – new video



Lovingly referred to as “the vile and despicable mob of macabre”, SCUM OF THE EARTH, have released a new (at least new for those of us living outside the USA) video; ‘The Devil Made Me Do It’ was directed by Tim King and produced by Splashdown Media. Your new favourite horror & dance metal record was released in the USA in August 2012 on Goomba Music and distributed through eOne, and finally brought over to this side of the Atlantic by SPV in November 2012. ‘The Devil Made Me Do It’ was produced by SCUM OF THE EARTH leader Riggs and producer and programmer VolkStoker, and recorded at “Scum HQ” in Branson, Missouri. Furthermore, remixes of some of SCUM OF THE EARTH songs done by EXAGEIST and VolkStroker will become available for digital download on iTunes and other digital outlets on January 15, 2013. You are welcome to check out the official remix teaser below.


Named after a song from ROB ZOMBIE 2001's album ‘Sinister Urge’, SCUM OF THE EARTH was founded by former Rob Zombie guitarist as well as singer, songwriter and producer in his own right Mike Riggs, along with guitarist Mike Tempesta (also known for his contributions to POWERMAN 5000, an underground electro-metal band helmed by Rob Zombie's younger brother Michael Cummings). With Zombie primarily focusing on his films at the time, the duo of guitarists, along with drummer John Tempesta (Mike's older brother as well as Rob Zombie's drummer) and bassist Clay Campbell, had put their experience to a good use and released ‘Blah...Blah...Blah... Love Songs For The New Millennium’ in 2004 (Eclipse Records):

“… Notice that certain words keep coming up when Zombie and Riggs are discussed - words like humorous, fun and entertaining. Riggs, like Zombie, realizes that in a post '80s, post ‘Nevermind’ [album by NIRVANA] rock world, humor and campy fun are not illegal; there is no law stating that post '80s rock has to be ultra-serious-minded 100 percent of the time. ‘Blah…Blah…Blah’ doesn’t point alternative metal in any new directions, but in terms of infectiousness and sheer entertainment value, SCUM OF THE EARTH's first album is a success,” [noticed Alex Henderson, AllMusic – read the rest here]

In 2004, SCUM OF THE EARTH, featuring almost an entirely new lineup made up of Riggs, bassist Clay Others, guitarist Skyla Talon (MODELSAINT) and former WHITE ZOMBIE drummer Ivan de Prume, issued ‘Sleaze Freak’ which reportedly spotlighted a certain red-light district vibe, “one which emanated from Riggs' personal experience in and around houses of fleshly sin and ill repute, particularly those in Hamburg, Germany”.

SCUM OF THE EARTH features: Mike Riggs – vocals & guitar, Brandon Workman – bass, Eddie Travis – drums and Nick Mason – guitar




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