22 July, 2013

Unkind: Olemisen Pelko – new video & Pelon Juuret – full album stream

Back to right the wrongs of this world, Finland's UNKIND have a new video out in addition to their new album ‘Pelon Juuret’ (Finnish for: roots of fear, I’m told), released worldwide on July 9th, 2013 via Relapse Records. Described by their label as “as if MONGWAI (Scottish post-rock band) made a record of TRAGEDY (a crust punk band from Oregon, USA) covers, or FROM ASHES RISE (a crust punk band also residing in Oregon, USA) were influenced by EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY (rock band from Texas, USA), ‘Pelon Juuret’ was recorded with producer Kari Nieminen at Noisecamp studios in Turku, Finland and seemingly “continues in the direction of the group's previous work, offering up a furious fusion of d-beat hardcore crossed with a highly creative touch of atmospherics”. Business' elders view UNKIND with a favourable eye; they describe ‘Pelon Juuret’ as “a heavy, emotional, well-crafted album that’s well worth the time and heartache it will cost you” (About.com) and “an awesome balance between compassion & rage” (Cvlt Nation). Available on CD/LP/digital, get your exclusive package here (Relapse store) or search for the album on iTunes. UNKIND's entire discography can be also found here (UNKIND's BandCamp):

In keeping with Finnish tradition, UNKIND don’t say much. Except through their music. I read they have called themselves “Speedapple” once, in the late 1990's, before changing their name to UNKIND, “unleashing dark, ominous hardcore/punk, distilling dystopian frustrations and anxieties, exploring deeper shades of darkness directly from the gut, with the urgency and true sense of purpose that hardcore/punk rock was built upon” as such.

UNKIND features: Tommi - guitar & vocals, Marko - bass & vocals, Saku – drums, Toni – guitar and Pekka – sound & confusion


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