25 July, 2013

Ancient VVisdom: Never Live Again – new video & Deathlike – full album stream:

[ANCIENT VVISDOM's singer and songwriter Nathan Opposition has shared with us some of his infinite wisdom:] “In this video we wanted to portray horror and the fine art of self-awakening. The executioner stands as the final act of judgment upon your mortal existence. Because we’re all dying to live, I challenge the listeners and viewers to go beyond the realms of their own consciousness to expand the mind into a new positive reality while they still have time. Inspired by BLACK SABBATH's ‘Killing Yourself To Live’, I wrote this song to invoke change. I believe this generation needs to learn a thing or two about their own existence.”
‘Never Live Again’, directed by Nathan Daughdrill, has been just uploaded unto YouTube; the tune comes from ANCIENT VVISDOM's February 2013-issued album ‘Deathlike’. Mixed and mastered by engineer and co-producer Jason Buntz, and co-produced by ENORMOUS DOOR founder Jack Control at Diamond Factory Studios in Austin, Texas, the album is available for your listening pleasure below, and purchasable through Prosthetic Records store here, or through BandCamp, iTunes and Amazon. The album's artwork was created by American graphic artist Travis Smith, while ANCIENT VVISDOM's previously released video, ‘Deathlike’, was directed by Sikander Khan:
“Those who found comfort amongst the ashes of ANCIENT VVISDOM's past gloom will appreciate the band’s efforts on ‘Deathlike’. It’s a familiar tale but the band has widened song-writing parameters and began developing sonically; especially on the heavier additions (‘Never Live Again’ [and] ‘Here Is The Grave’). These songs in particular leave the feeling there is a hunger to venture further into electric waters, and whether this is something that the band embrace in the future only time will tell. But for now ANCIENT VVISDOM's music contain no studio trickery or showboating, just passionate songs that connect with tongue and thought,” [commented Dean Brown, PopMatters – more here:]

According to a widespread and quite believable rumor, singer and songwriter Nathan Opposition, his brother Michael Jochum (electric guitar) and acoustic guitarist Justin “Ribs” Mason have been annihilating the underground rock scene under the moniker of ANCIENT VVISDOM since 2009. Determined to spread their infectious, an enticing yet macabre, sound from the darkest corners of Austin, Texas to the masses, the band utilized unusual instrumentation including a bowed stand-up bass, synths, and machete/bamboo percussion on their 2011 debut ‘A Godlike Inferno’:
“… other listeners may understandably come away disappointed, simply because of the wealth of inspired work being churned out in this arena by some of the artists named above [see here], compared with which ‘A Godlike Inferno’ decidedly sounds more like youthful naïveté than true, well, ancient wisdom. Having said that, there are certainly clues contained herein suggesting better things may lie ahead for ANCIENT VVISDOM, if only they keep working at their craft and honing a more unique voice within the occult rock revival,” [commented Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic who will be surely pleasantly surprised with the new ANCIENT VVISOM output as was yours truly – read the rest of his review here:]

ANCIENT VVISDOM features: Michael Jochum – electric guitar, TA – bass, Mitch – drums and Nathan Opposition – vocals and acoustic guitar  



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