18 July, 2013

RAM: I Am The End – new video



‘I Am The End’, directed by Martin Högdal, edited by Leonard Palmestål and written by Oscar Carlquist (the same team that created the ridiculous ‘Flame Of The Tyrants’ video available for your viewing pleasure below), comes off RAM's metal behemoth called ‘Death’, issued through Metal Blade Records in January 2012. The album was recorded at Welfare Sounds Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden with producers Per Stålberg and Olle Björk and was mastered by Dragan Tanaskovic at Bohus Sound. While with ‘Flame Of The Tyrants’ RAM had gone for a “Mad Max II” feel, their new video is to “show a completely different cinematic vision of RAM”:

“This video displays a lot of esoteric aspects, and has many layers of symbolism that will not be seen at once. We thank everybody involved for their outstanding dedication to making flesh out of our disturbed visions,” [said singer Oscar Carlquist]

In related news, guitarist and one of the founding members, Daniel Johansson, has recently left RAM who have already welcomed their former session guitarist Martin Jonsson as a fulltime member. Furthermore, 2013 marks ten years since RAM released their first recording, ‘Sudden Impact’ EP which will be rereleased in September 2013 on vinyl only and in a strictly limited edition of 500 copies through Gothenburg based label Lake Of Fire productions. In the meantime, shop for RAM stuff here (Metal Blade), on Amazon and iTunes:


RAM was created back in 1999 in Gothenburg, Sweden by guitarist Harry Granroth who, “sick of the misinterpretation of metal that ruled the scene back then”, wanted “to form a real heavy metal band”. He soon found a kindred soul in guitarist Daniel Johansson but search for vocalist, Oscar Carlquist, proved to be long and tiresome. The backbone of RAM was there, yet rhythm section usually does come in handy in such matters and, luckily, drummer Morgan Pettersson and bassist Leif Larsson could be nudged into joining this expression of real heavy metal. RAM released their first EP, ‘Sudden Impact’, in 2003 while their first full-length, 2005's ‘Forced Entry’, reportedly “brought the entire old school heavy metal community to its knees”. In 2008 the band returned to the studio with producer Johan Reivén to record the ‘Lightbringer’; RAM took their own sweet time exploring the true heavy metal sound it seems, since the strife for “pure heavy metal perfection” lasted no less than ten months of recording. ‘Lightbringer’ was released in 2009 via AFM Records.

RAM features: Oscar Carlquist – vocals, Morgan Pettersson – drums, Harry Granroth – guitar, Martin Jonsson – guitar and Tobias Petterson – bass





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