11 July, 2013

Matricide: Wear & Tear – new video & We Are Alive – full EP stream

If this video has been shot just recently, Israel's MATRICIDE don’t deserve just a record contract – they deserve a Nobel Prize. In biology. Whoever dares to put on anything other than whatever is absolutely necessary in this heat, deserves some sort of reward. ‘Wear & Tear’, its video directed by Adam Shuldman, comes off, I suppose, MATRICIDE's yet untitled and unreleased full-length album (they are searching for a label that believes in their music), mixed by Daniel Strosberg at the Keoss Studios in Tel Aviv, Israel and mastered by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering in California, USA.

Formed in 2005 as a side project for SOLITARY guitarist Yogev Sitton, quickly joined and as quickly abandoned by some of Israeli metal scene's best known musicians, MATRICIDE had become a full fledged band with their own style (combining death metal with hardcore, nu-metal and punk) when vocalist Ran Eliahou, drummer Rom Gov and bassist Shahar Guy competed the line-up. In 2008, MATRICIDE (meaning: the act of killing one's mother) recorded the ‘We Are Alive’ EP, available for your listening pleasure below:

MATRICIDE features: Yogev Sitton – guitar and backing vocals, Ran Eliahou – vocals, Auria Sapir – guitar, Shahar Guy – bass and Ofir Zigi – drums


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