30 July, 2013

Cattle Decapitation: Your Disposal – new video

Deathgrind aficionados rejoice: CATTLE DECAPITATION have released a new video for ‘Your Disposal’, previously available only as a Japanese bonus track on the band's latest album, ‘Monolith Of Inhumanity’. Directed, shot and edited by Mitch Massie, the video stars Brett Siler as Adam and Christine Murphy as Eve. Vocalist Travis Ryan explained:
“Director Mitch Massie has presented us all with a bizarre retelling of the story of Adam and Eve using themes from our latest album ‘Monolith Of Inhumanity’. Here we see Eve giving birth to humanity, a living, breathing piece of primordial meat birthed into the dirt making its way through the Garden of Eden, hellbent on destruction... A clean and conscious monolith foretelling what could be possible given the fact that humans exhibit superior traits of intelligence, instead the Earth is flooded with technological fallout and debris by the hands of man. This video is very much a prequel to our other videos ‘Forced Gender Reassignment’ [not for the faint of heart – available on Vimeo] and of course, ‘Kingdom of Tyrants’ [available below].”
‘Monolith Of Inhumanity’ was issued in May 2012 on Metal Blade Records. One of the most volatile, ambitious, and impossible to aptly categorize records you will ever hear was produced by Dave Otero of Denver's Flatline Audio. The album features a host of guests including Mike Majewski of DEVOURMENT, Lenard Leal of CEPHALIC CARNAGE, the CEPHALIC CARNAGE Community Men's Choir (consisting of all current CEPHALIC members and alumni Jawsh Mullen and Zac Joe), and “ambient and noise interludes by Los Angeles' most extreme decimator of sound”, John Wiese. Download CATTLE DECAPITATON's happy tune, ‘A Living, Breathing Piece of Defecating Meat’, free of charge from Metal Blade here.  ‘Monolith Of Inhumanity’ awaits your order here (Metal Blade store), on iTunes and on Amazon:
“California death-grinders CATTLE DECAPITATION will never be accused of subtlety, but there are moments on the typically grotesque ‘Monolith Of Inhumanity’, their seventh long-player, that are unabashedly melodic. The band's penchant for setting off relentless explosions of BPM shrapnel, while vocalist Travis Ryan swallows the microphone and uses his rib cage for a reverb tank, remains steadfast, but the occasional clean vocal in the mix, as heard on the exhilarating ‘Living, Breathing Piece Of Defecating Meat’, adds a new vintage black metal patina to the group's signature CARCASS/PIG DESTROYER-informed attack,” [wrote James Christopher Monger, AllMusic – more here:]


CATTLE DECAPITATION was formed in San Diego in 1996 by drummer and bassist David Astor and guitarist and drummer Gabe Serbian.  With vocalist Travis Ryan, they released two albums, the ‘Human Jerky’ in 1999 and the ‘Homovore’ in 2000. They added a bassist, Troy Oftedal, to the lineup next and recorded their third full-length, ‘To Serve Man’. The album was released in 2002 through Metal Blade Records: 

That same year, Josh Elmore joined in as a second guitarist. The band's next album was recorded without founders Serbian and Astor, with Ryan on vocals, Elmore on guitar, Oftedal on bass and newcomer, Michael Laughlin, in charge of the drum kit. Bill Metoyer-produced ‘Humanure’, approbated by critics, was released in 2004: 

A split with CANINUS followed in 2005, before CATTLE DECAPITATION delivered their fifth pro-vegetarian yet gore-oriented full-length statement, ‘Karma. Bloody. Karma’ in 2006: 

In 2009, the group returned to producer Billy Anderson with whom they recorded ‘The Harvest Floor’ with new drummer David McGraw. The album which broke onto American music charts (at number 16 on the Billboard Top Heatseekers) proved to be the last to feature bassist Troy Oftedal. ‘The Harvest Floor’ was described by AllMusic's Greg Prato as “extreme metal at its most complex and brutal”; he also applauded CATTLE DECAPITATION for their gift of “coming up with glorious song titles” (more here): 

Note: Download all the above CATTLE DECAPITATION tunes here (SoundCloud) for free, courtesy Metal Blade Records.

CATTLE DECAPITATION features: Travis Ryan – vocals, Josh Elmore – guitar, Derek Engemann – bass and David McGraw – drums


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