05 July, 2013

Ghost B.C. : Monstrance Clock – new video & Infestissumam – full album stream

(“There come a time, when good man must wear mask.”) There also come a time when one must confront the Nameless Ghouls, GHOST B.C.. The third video released in promotion of their successful second album ‘Infestissumam’ (from Latin: hostile) was directed by Robert Semmer. (While ‘Secular Haze’ video awaits you below, ‘Year Zero’ was made strictly for an adult audience but can be found on YouTube, if desired). ‘Infestissumam’, produced by Nick Raskulinecz, was released in April 2013 on Sonet Records and on Loma Vista Recordings in partnership with Republic Records. GHOST B.C. refer to it as a sophomore psalm, they graciously invite you sing-along all ten sacred songs here (the band's site) or here (their holy YouTube channel), and allow you to buy it directly from Papa Emeritus II (formerly known as Papa Emeritus) and Nameless Ghouls here (GHOST B.C. store) or indirectly from iTunes and Amazon. ‘Infestissumam’ conquered Sverigetopplistan (Swedish national record chart), and peaked at number 5 in Finland, at number 8 in Norway and at number 28 on the Billboard Top 200 (selling around 14,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release). The album's art was created by (Bp. Necropolitus Cracoviensis) Zbigniew M. Bielak:
“ ‘Infestissumam’ is just as apocalyptic and musically adventurous as its predecessor [2010's ‘Opus Eponymous’], offering up ten new Beelzebub-approved singalongs that reside somewhere between Gothenburg and Broadway. If anything, the album finds the band moving even further away from the genre, adopting a weirdly effective, psych-pop/progressive rock approach that alternates between winking and sinister, sounding almost like a parody of the longstanding Swedish black metal scene. Even if that’s the case, ‘Infestissumam’ can be a hell of a lot of fun, especially when it applies its gonzo Satanism with a hefty amount of opulence… Whatever GHOST's intentions, they’ve definitely managed to carve out a niche within the increasingly fragmented world of heavy metal, and while purists may revile them for their insolence, it’s their insubordination that ultimately earns them a place in the genre,” [wrote James Christopher Monger, AllMusic and I agree – more here]

Under a strict vow of anonymity, GHOST B.C. preach “extreme Satanic viewpoints over surprisingly lightweight heavy metal” from Linköping, Sweden since 2008. Obscuring themselves under hooded (monk's) robes, except for their lead singer, Papa Emeritus II who wears a combination of a prosthetic face and face paint and cardinal robes, GHOST B.C.'s Nameless Ghouls apparently also represent the five essential elements: fire, water, wind, earth and ether. (Commented one Nameless Ghoul: “On a day-to-day basis when we are home, it can be slightly irritating at times when you have to justify what you are doing. Some of us in the band have experienced people telling us we have to quit our jobs. It’s hard to justify quitting your job because you’re pursuing a musical career, but nobody knows what band you’re in… On the positive side, you can be released of a lot of the negative aspect of being semi-famous or recognized.”) Be as it may, in 2010 they released a 3-track demo, followed by a 7” vinyl titled ‘Elizabeth’ and their debut full-length album ‘Opus Eponymous’ (the album was released in North America in 2011) which was nominated for Grammis, the Swedish equivalent of the Grammy Awards.
GHOST B.C. features: Papa Emeritus II – vocals and The Nameless Ghouls – lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass, keyboards and drums


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