03 July, 2013

As They Burn: Frozen Vision – new video



Young French group, AS THEY BURN, has just recently released an adult video; ‘Frozen Vision’, directed by Walker Pachler, comes off their Victory Records brightly titled debut LP ‘Will, Love, Life’.  AS THEY BURN's second full-length album was released in February 2013 and should be bought from Victory store here (along with AS THEY BURN T-shirt, basketball jersey, gym shorts and sweatpants – to ensure a long and fruitful life as well as to cover up some of mother nature's gifts), or via iTunes and Amazon:

“AS THEY BURN don’t bring anything new to the table, but they do manage to collage all the other bits from bands that had ever been considered “new to the table,” and arrange them in an album that conveys itself as moderately distinctive and considerably enjoyable. There’s definitely potential for something greater here, but for now we’ll settle for mere entertainment,” [wrote MetalSucks' Dave Mustein – more here]


“The city of fine wine and whirlwind romance has finally unleashed its dark side in the form of five-piece metal band AS THEY BURN, the pride and joy of the Paris hardcore scene,” [the press release introduces the band] It’s a tale as old as time; friends bonded together by music, trapped in the dreaded suburbs, fighting with everything they’ve got to make a name for themselves.”

Formed in 2007 in Paris, France by vocalist Kevin Traoré, guitarists Hoby Arinosy and Fabio Meschini, bassist Ronald Pastor and drummer Milton Bakech, AS THEY BURN soon attracted the attention of Belgian label Ultimhate Records, through which they released the ‘A New Area For Our Plagues’ EP in 2009.  With their debut recording entering the French music charts, selling off the shelves within a year, AS THEY BURN landed a contract with Siege Of Amida Records. Their first proper album ‘Aeon's War’, issued in 2011, pawed way for even bigger and better things, as the band got picked up by Victory Records.

AS THEY BURN features: Kevin Trevor – vocals, Hoby Arinosy – guitar, Fabio Meschini – guitar, Ronald Pastor – bass, Milton Bakech – drums and Bastien Jacquesson – keyboards






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