11 July, 2012

Bonafide: Too Fired Up – new video



From Sweden (an European monarchy best known for its terrible weather, high beer prices and for the fact that nearly each and every representative of its male populace plays a musical instrument in at least one Scandinavian rock/metal band) come BONAFIDE and their charming new video ‘Too Fired Up’, animated and edited by bassist Martin Ekelund with additional live footage provided by  Mats Rydström, Gustav Kronfelt, Filip Schröder and Linda Åkerberg. This achievement will be shortly followed by another, BONAFIDE's new long-player, awaiting its glorious release on August 15th, 2012 on Off Yer Rocka Recordings (Rootsy/Warner in Scandinavia). ‘Ultimate Rebel’, the album's title, was recorded in Gig Studio in Stockholm with engineer Conny Wallin, and was produced by BONAFIDE's frontman and main songwriter Pontus Snibb. Visit the band's store here.

BONAFIDE was formed in 2006 in Malmö, Sweden by singer and guitarist Pontus Snibb, who was soon joined by guitarist Mikael Fässberg, drummer Niklas Matsson and bassist Michael Nilsson. BONAFIDE released their debut self-titled album in 2007, followed by 2009's Chips Kiesbye-produced ‘Something’s Dripping’. Issued through Black Lodge Records, the album debuted at number 16 on the National Swedish Album chart. In 2011, BONAFIDE released an EP entitled ‘Fill Your Head With Rock: Old, New, Tried & True’ through Black Lodge Records/Sound Pollution, and welcomed new bassist, “the brilliant and handsome Martin Ekelund”.


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