29 July, 2012

Full Album Stream: Nachtmystium: Silencing Machine – new album


NACHTMYSTIUM, the Chicago-based black metal masters, are to release their sixth full-length, ‘Silencing Machine’, in Europe tomorrow, July 30th, 2012, and in North America on July 31st, 3012 on Metal Blade Records, but you can listen to their “fuckin' black metal record” in full here (Spin) right now. ‘Silencing Machine’ was recorded at Engine Studios with the band's own synths and electronics specialist Sanford Parker. NACHTMYSTIUM are currently busy releasing the “making of the album” videos as well; filmed and edited by Justin Baron, watch Part 1 here, Part 2 here, and Part 3 here (YouTube) and make sure you find Part 4 and 5 once available by yourselves since this blog will not be active during the month of August. Three brand new tracks off the album which begins with an optimistic track called ‘Dawn Over The Ruins Of Jerusalem’, heh, are available for your listening pleasure below (‘Silencing Machine’, ‘Borrowed Hope And Broken Dreams’ and ‘I Wait In Hell’), courtesy the label, where you’ll find a collection of NACHTMYSTIUM's previously released music as well. Do your civic duty and buy ‘Silencing Machine’ here (CM Distro Europe) and here (CM Distro North America):

“NACHTMYSTIUM [have] time and again shown that black metal is a many splendored thing, continuously stretching the walls of the genre to not only make waves, but create an undertow, nearly dragging their competition to drown in the darkened depths. … As for the opening tracks, there’s where you’ll find your trove of tr00ness.  Out of the gate is the onslaught that is ‘Dawn Over The Ruins Of Jerusalem’. Tracks like this - angry, boisterous, and caked in blood - are the bones of the album. Immediately after comes the title track, which just as wonderfully abrasive and venomous. The true gem, though, comes in the form of ‘I Wait In Hell’, a generously blackened post-rock track seething with all the blasphemous goodness (sinfulness?) you’d expect from a track with such a title,” [wrote Kellhammer, MetalSucks – more here:]

NACHTMYSTIUM: Silencing Machine – courtesy of Century Media Records

NACHTMYSTIUM: Borrowed Hope and Broken Dreams – courtesy of Century Media

NACHTMYSTIUM is the brainchild of American musician Blake Judd who, along with Pat McCormick, founded the band in 1998. Their first release, 2002's ‘Reign Of The Malicious’, was heavily influenced by second-wave black metal bands such as Norway's DARKTHRONE as was their second album 2004's ‘Demise’, while their consequential releases, 2004's  EP ‘Eulogy IV’ and 2006's ‘Instinct: Decay’, incorporated psychedelic and experimental musical elements that were pioneered by bands like BLACK SABBATH. NACHTMYSTIUM's fourth full-length, released in 2008 on Century Media Records in the U.S.and on Candlelight Records in Europe, entitled ‘Assassins: Black Meddle, Part 1’ received overwhelmingly positive feedback from music critics. Some controversy and an EP later (2009's ‘Doomsday Derelicts’), NACHTMYSTIUM released their fifth long-player 2010's ‘Addicts: Black Meddle, Part 2’. The album was was praised by critics with AllMusic's Eduardo Rivadavia describing it as:

“… another unmitigated triumph for NACHTMYSTIUM, arguably even superior to its wildly acclaimed predecessors, thanks to its collective daring, unprecedented stylistic variety, and, well, big balls!” [Read the rest here]

NACHYMYSTIUM features: Blake Judd - rhythm and lead guitar and vocals, Drew Markuszewski (also of LORD MANTIS' fame) - rhythm and lead guitar and vocals, Will Lindsay – bass, Sanford Parker - synths and electronics and Charlie Fell – drums

NACHTMYSTIUM – courtesy of Century Media Records


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