14 July, 2012

God Forbid: Equilibrium – new video



“ ‘Equilibrium’ is about discovering that no matter how much you strive to achieve a goal, you become sidetracked. You look for ways to find patience and balance while becoming stable and finding a renewed feeling or belief in what may come your way,” [explained the theme behind the tune and the video, directed by Eric Richter, vocalist Byron Davis]

‘Equilibrium’ comes from GOD FORBID's latest same-titled CD, released in March 2012 on Victory Records. The record was produced by Mark Lewis, but the vocals which were worked on with producer Jason Suecof. ‘Equilibrium’ is GOD FORBID's first recorded work since 2009's ‘Earthsblood’ which marked the departure of the group's founding member, guitarist and songwriter Dallas Coyle and their first recorded with his replacement, guitarist Matt Wicklund. ‘Equilibrium’ sold 3,400 copies in the United States in its first week of release and has debuted at number 156 on The Billboard Top 200 chart.

“ ‘Equilibrium’ feels like the bandmembers have figured out how to expand their songwriting while “getting to the point” faster. With the longest songs clocking in at just over the five-minute mark, GOD FORBID are able to cultivate an urgency while still getting to flex their creative muscle,” [commented Gregory Heaney, AllMusic – more here:]

GOD FORBID: Don't Tell Me What To Dream – courtesy of Victory Records

Formed in 1996 in East Brunswick, New Jersey, GOD FORBID released their first album, ‘Reject The Sickness’, in 1999 through 9 Volt Records, had signed with Century Media Records following the album's success, and issued its successor, ‘Determination’, in 2001:

“GOD FORBID seem to realize that there is far more to being a band - particularly a metal band - than devising scare tactics, tuning down, sharpening one's picking skill, and shaking the hair. To that end, the band has added some of the more soaring progressions of power metal, whether consciously or not,” [observed Patrick Kennedy for AllMusic – more here]

Singer Byron Davis, lead guitarist Doc Coyle, his brother and rhythm guitarist Dallas Coyle, bassist John “Beeker” Outcalt and drummer Corey Pierce recorded their third full-length, ‘Gone Forever’, with producer Eric Rachel. Issued in 2004, the relentless album was met with much praise from critics. Its follower, 2005's ‘IV: Constitution Of Treason’, produced by Jason Suecof, entered American chart Billboard Top 200 at position number 118:

“… [the] survivors of the original '80s thrash metal movement will be happy to know that the Coyle brothers' abundant deployment of jagged thrash metal riffing - as much as their apocalyptic subject matter - is in fact one of the album's greatest strengths. Besides perfectly offsetting the inevitable doses of melodic passages and alternating clean/screamed vocals typical of GOD FORBID and their metalcore generation, they help lend a timelessness to ‘Constitution Of Treason’ that any album should aspire to,” [commented Eduardo Rivadavia – more here]

GOD FORBID's 2009's ‘Earthsblood’, produced by Eric Rachel, entered the Billboard 200 at number 110 and was described by Mr. Rivadavia as “timeless” once again, as well as  “a challenging and unique-sounding heavy metal album, likely to reveal new secrets with every listen”.

GOD FORBID features: Byron Davis – vocals, Matt Wicklund – guitar, Doc Coyle – guitar and vocals, John Outcalt – bass and Corey Pierce – drums




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