26 July, 2012

Tankard: A Girl Called Cerveza – new album


TANKARD, the German alcoholic-thrash metal “Kings Of Beer” are just about to celebrate their 30th anniversary with ‘A Girl Called Cerveza’, their fifteenth studio album. Their latest glorification of alcoholic refreshments is due out tomorrow, July 27th, 2012, in Europe and will see its North American release on July 31st, 2012, courtesy Nuclear Blast Records. ‘A Girl Called Cerveza’ was recorded in Studio 23 in Frankfurt, Germany with renowned producer Michael Mainx, while the captivating cover was created by Patrick Strogulski, who is a student of former TANKARD cover artist Sebastian Krüger, we are told. Watch the video for the title-track below, where you’ll also find the preview of the album. Listen to 90-seconds long samples of the whole album here at iTunes, and order ‘A Girl Called Cerveza’ here (Nuclear Blast Europe) and here (Nuclear Blast USA).

Much has changed for TANKARD since 2010; Eduardo Rivadavia has since investigated the band and their achievements for AllMusic (here) where they were once described with a single sentence: “This German speed-metal band's primary theme revolved around extolling the virtues of alcohol”, and in the beginning of 2012 they were picked up by Nuclear Blast Records. Founded in 1982 in Frankfurt, Germany, TANKARD released five long-players through Noise Records (1988's ‘The Morning After’, 1990's ‘The Meaning Of Life’, 1992's ‘Stone Cold Sober’, 1994's ‘Two-Faced’ and 1995's ‘The Tankard’), two albums through Century Media Records (1998's ‘Disco Destroyer’ and 2000's ‘Kings Of Beer’), and five albums on AFM Records (2002's ‘B-Day’, 2003's ‘Beast Of Bourbon’, 2005's ‘The Beauty And The Beer’, 2008's ‘Thirst’ and 2010's ‘Vo(l)ume 14’). Their beefy catalogue also includes two compilations, two DVDs and a live album. The fun-loving band's fourteen album, ‘Vo(l)ume’ 14’, was reviewed by Mr. Rivadavia, AllMusic thusly:

“Heck, even when TANKARD contemplate the thought-provoking notion of traveling back in time (see ‘Time Warp’), their chosen protagonist doesn’t bother with attempting to murder Hitler, foiling the 9/11 terrorist attack, or averting some such other disaster; he just wants to win back his girlfriend, even if it means shooting his numbskull self before he drives her away in the first place. God bless their shaggy heads. By the time TANKARD reveal some genuine concern for the environment (‘Black Plague [BP]’), take Wall Street to task (‘The Agency’), or rebuke sensationalistic news agencies (‘Condemnation’), most listeners will probably be too tipsy to take notice - so bartender, this round’s on us!” [Read the rest here]

TANKARD features: Andreas “Gerre” Geremia – vocals, Andreas Gutjahr – guitar, Frank Thorwarth – bass and Olaf Zissel – drums



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