28 July, 2012

King Of Asgard: …to North – new album


KING OF ASGARD are heading north of Östergötland with their second recap of past glory; ‘… to North’ is due out on July 27th and 30th in Europe and is set for July 31st, 2012 release in North America on Metal Blade Records. KING OF ASGARD worked on their latest saga at Sonic Train Studios with Andy LaRocque who produced and mastered the recording, along with Olof Berggren:

“ ‘… to North’ takes off pretty much where ‘Fi'mbulvintr’ [2010's album] left off so to say, with a natural development, more varied songs and structures. It’s a development of our sound which will be recognized by old fans as well as bring some new ones to the horde. This time around I’ve been more involved in the writing process along with Karl [Beckman, vocalist and guitarist], which kind of shines through, giving the songs a wider perspective. Expect some very strong songs on ‘… to North’ where epic meets with brutality! The lyrical theme this time is basically in the same vein but has different twists. Not as obvious as before. ‘… to North’ will make The Nine Worlds burn… and Varberg was just left behind,” [spoketh bassist Jonas Albrektsson]

‘… to North’ features appearances by two guest musicians; vocalist Heléne Blad on ‘The Nine Worlds Burn’, and guitarist Jimmy Hedlund on the song ‘Gap Of Ginnungs’. Check out KING OF ASGARD video for ‘The Nine Worlds Burn’, directed by Andreas Edelönn, below, and visit Metal Hammer Germany here to hear ‘Gap Of Ginnungs’. Buy the album here (Metal Blade Records):

KING OF ASGARD: The Nine Worlds Burn – courtesy of Metal Blade Records

Formed in 2008 by singer and guitarist Karl Beckman and drummer Karsten Larsson, the two first approached (musically and lyrically, of course) their Norse heritage in 2009, when they recorded a 7-track demo titled ‘Prince Of Märings’. In 2009, bassist Jonas Albrektsson joined the horde which was in turn spotted by Metal Blade Records. Thirteen songs of “folk based blackened death metal reminding of times of old” were recorded with KING DIAMOND's etc. Andy LaRoque and released in 2010 as KING OF ASGARD's debut album, ‘Fi'mbulwinter’ (which, roughly translated from Norse, heh, means “harsh winter”, a well documented phenomenon up north):

KING OF ASGARD: Einharjar – courtesy of Metal Blade Records

KING OF ASGARD features: Karl Beckman – guitar and vocals, Jonas Albrektsson – bass, Lars G Tängmark – guitar and Karsten Larsson – drums


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