05 July, 2012

Full Album Stream: Titans Eve: Life Apocalypse – new album


Anticipating apocalypse and (happily) singing about it, listen to Canadian thrashers' TITANS EVE sophomore album, ‘Life Apocalypse’, here at Exclaim.ca. The album is set for July 13th, 2012 release, yet the band is offering a free T-shirt as an attractive album pre-order package, therefore do just that right here (TITANS EVE BandCamp). The 11 tracks were produced by TITANS EVE and recorded by Sacha Laskow of Divinity at Perfect Fifth Studios in Calgary, Alberta, Canada:

“After all, time was of the essence,” [referring to the end time, this being 2012 after all] “This album was written faster and was more of an aggressive attempt at writing and recording an album,” [explained guitarist Kyle Gamblin] “We hammered out the songs and bunkered down to record in Calgary with Sacha Laskow for a month and recorded every day.” [Added his own vocalist and guitarist Brian Gamblin:] “They say if you stare into the abyss too long, the abyss stares back.  So instead just listen. Here is our album ‘Life Apocalypse’.”

Formed by guitarists and vocalists as well as brothers Brian and Kyle Gamblin in 2008 in Vancouver, Canada, TITANS EVE have since crisscrossed Canada (helped by their van called “Titan Train”) many times over, in hope of spreading their brand of “honest, powerful modern metal”. In 2011, the band produced, mixed, mastered and released their debut full-length album ‘The Divine Equal’. The album is available for your listening pleasure below, courtesy TITANS EVE. You should buy it here (BandCamp):

“Who doesn’t love a tale about an end of the world being orchestrated by God, the Devil and forces unseen? Religious or not, believer or unbeliever, nothing beats opening the latter pages of the Bible or certain 17th century poems [Milton's “Paradise Lost”] for the most metal words to pass through the eons,” [is how Noisecreep introduced TITANS EVE debut album ‘The Divine Equal’] “I was always fascinated by people's apocalyptic interpretations that they look for in the Bible Old and New Testament,” [elaborated the band's vocalist and guitarist Brian Gamblin] “Many people believe that there are prophesies within the Bible that foretell Armageddon. Some think that Armageddon is actually a place in Israel called Megiddo where the final battle of good and evil will take place. [Mhm]”

TITANS EVE features: Brian Gamblin - guitar and lead vocals, Kyle Gamblin - guitars and vocals, Jesse Hord - bass and Casey Ory – drums

The Divine Equal – courtesy of TITANS EVE



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