07 July, 2012

Texas Hippie Coalition: Turn It Up – new video



Written by Big Dad Ritch “so girls could dance on poles to some heavy rock ‘n’ roll instead of hip-hop and pop dance all the time”, directed by Clark Deal, and first shown here on Noisecreep (to whom Ritch told that ‘Turn It Up’ is really “about being addicted to music”), the tune will appear on TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION's third album ‘Pacemaker’, out on Carved Records on August 14th, 2012. And since this blog won’t be active in August (there’s still some plundering left to be done, heh) read carefully now: ‘Pacemaker’ is the second collaboration between the lovable Texans THC and multi-platinum producer David Prater, who handled the production of THC's breakthrough recording, 2010's ‘Rollin’ (read about it here on Noise & Stuff). Visit THC's YouTube channel here for all the behind-the-scene goings-on, and pre-order the 11 tracks that make up ‘Pacemaker’ along with the rest of THC's stuff here (Carved Records).

“Drawing inspiration from legendary rock ‘n’ roll outlaws and classic rockers including Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and ZZ TOP, THC has hit its stride on ‘Peacemaker’ while paying homage to southern rock's and country's cultural milemarkers. “Top of my head, tip of my tongue, deep in my heart, in the bottom of my lungs, that’s where songs come from. There is no blue print,” [Big Dad Ritch said] “The outlaw spirit is still alive today. That is our goal: Bring it back,” [explains the label, Carved Records]

Out of Denison, Texas they come and they describe their sound as “red dirt metal”. And what exactly is red dirt metal, you ask:

“Take outlaw country, toss in a dash of southern-fried classic rock and mix it with some potent Texas power grooves and you’ve got a combustible sonic cocktail on your hands,” [they answer]

Led by singer Big Dad Ritch, TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION self-released an album called ‘Pride Of Texas’ in 2008, and, in 2009, became the first band to be signed by Texas label Carved Records. In 2010, THC released their sophomore album ‘Rollin’:

“This 2010 release doesn’t point the southern school of alt-metal in any new directions, but that doesn’t make the material any less appealing. The TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION definitely bring the hooks, and they are as infectious on ‘Jesus Freak’, ‘Groupie Girl’, ‘Flawed’, and ‘Back From Hell’, as they are on ‘Saddle Sore’ and the single ‘Pissed Off And Mad About It’. ‘Rollin’ is an exciting, if derivative, effort that will easily appeal to headbangers who have spent a lot of time listening to bands like HAMMERLOCK, BRAND NEW SIN, and ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY,” [recommended the album Alex Henderson, AllMusic – more here:]

THC: Pissed Off And Mad About It – courtesy of Carved Records

THC: Beg (The 420 Recording) – courtesy of Carved Records

TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION features: Big Dad Ritch – vocals, John Exall – bass, Wes Wallace – guitar and Timmy Braun – drums



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