29 June, 2013

Gypsyhawk: Silver Queen – new video

How could I have missed the new GYPSYHAWK video?! It must have been fate. The fun-loving bunch representative,  vocalist and bassist Eric Harris, commented the “making of” ‘Silver Queen’ video as follows:
“One bottle of fireball, a fifth of Jim, some Kessler, some more beers, a couple of joints, sandwiches, one ditch, zero acting classes, six titties and a LARPers wet dream. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you... ‘Silver Queen’.”
‘Silver Queen’, directed by Farron Loathing, follows on the heels of another two true GYPSYHAWK videos, ‘Hedgeking’, which, directed by Simon Chan of Artificial Army, features acting skills of Australian-born actor and body builder Guy Grundy who successfully brings to life the story behind the song, showing the “Hedgeking”, (played by Grundy) casting aside his crown and taking up a life of “selling his sword, warring and whoring” and ‘State Lines’, filmed to show who GYPSYHAWK really are (“a hard drinking, life loving, rib chomping, woman stealing, full housin' mother fuckers”). All three tunes come off ‘Revelry & Resilience’, recorded by the band for “girls to shake their asses to and dudes to bang their heads”. ‘Revelry & Resilience’ was recorded with Zach Oren and issued through Metal Blade Records in August 2012. Buy the album here (Metal Blade store) or find it on iTunes, and download yourselves the track ‘Hedgeking’ for free here (Metal Blade SoundCloud):
“After naming their first album ‘Patience & Perseverance’, Los Angeles-based heavy rockers GYPSYHAWK christened their sophomore follow-up ‘Revelry & Resilience’ - see a pattern developing here? But as heartwarming as it is to learn that the band's “patient perseverance” has already left them feeling confident enough to “revel in their resilience” - even though virtually no one outside discerning underground circles is remotely aware of their existence - perhaps we’d better review the latest musical results before placing any bets on the a third album title (Satisfaction & Self-Indulgence? Suspicion & So-Long? Maybe Sense and Sensibility?),” [was stern as well as funny Eduardo Rivadavia, Allmusic – but perhaps you’d better click here to read the rest?]
“A god damn rock band when rock and roll needs it most”, GYPSYHAWK took their first swaggering step in 2008 in Pasadena, California after bassist, vocalist and founder Eric Harris left the thrash metal warriors SKELETONWITCH and decided it was time to start something new. After recruiting guitarist Andrew Packer, drummer Joe Fabio and second & lead guitarist Scotty Conan, and after months of honing their craft, the band self-produced a demo which, only weeks later, persuaded Creator-Destructor Records into offering the band a record contract. GYPSYHAWK's debut album, 2010's ‘Patience And Perseverance’, was produced by Zack Ohren; listen to the album below and buy it if you like what you hear. You can download the opening track ‘Gypsyhawk’ free of charge here, courtesy the band. In 2011 GYPSYHAWK signed a contract with Metal Blade Records. Apparently “no one but band and label believed it”:

GYPSYHAWK features: Andrew Packer – guitar, Eric Harris - bass and vocals, Ian “Pee Pee Rider” Brown - drums and Erik “Ron Houser” Kluiber – guitar


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