05 June, 2013

Porta Nigra: Fin De Siècle – new video & full album stream

Again, with due apologies to PORTA NIGRA and demented konstnär Håkan Sjödin who just recently crafted second pictorialization for equally demented pair, ‘Fin De Siècle’ comes off the sensational gramophone record of the same name, released by the French maison Debemur Morti Productions (under the patronage of  German Emperor Wilhelm II) in November 2012/January 2013. The art for PORTA NIGRA's atypical, eccentric and truly eclectic music was begot by manic artiste Valnoir and frenzied konstnär Håkan Sjödin (who directed ‘Megalomaniac’ video available below). Decadently celebrate the end of the 19th Century by listening to PORTA NIGRA's debut album and kindly, if able, buy ‘Fin De Siècle’ here (Debemur Morti store):
“Where the passage of time is irrelevant, meaningless, and trends are thereby rendered redundant, PORTA NIGRA stands alone, defiant, isolated from the pack. A different breed of beast, one that defies categorization. These unconventional, non-conformist Germans present a debut full-length that is untainted by modern movements and fashion fads. ‘Fin de Siècle’ belongs partly to a bygone era, a depraved symphony remembering a generation drowned in the decadence of industrialization - just as the world today is swamped in a different strain of soullessness and decay. PORTA NIGRA steps effortlessly between one corrupted timeline and another, basking in the profane emptiness everywhere, celebrating the corrosion of all things. ‘Fin de Siècle’ (d)evolves from source to herald the arrival of a new force in extreme art. A dark and bizarre smorgasbord of degeneration, PORTA NIGRA draws inspiration from a myriad of sources to conjure a sound that has a life of its own,” [the press release elucidates:]
PORTA NIGRA features: O. – drummer and vocalist and Gilles de Rais – songwriter, lyricist and guitarist


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