18 June, 2013

Into The Flood: Vices – new album


It was (in)to the movies for me yesterday, so you’ll be reading about INTO THE FLOOD's new album ‘Vices’ today. Issued through Century Media in North America on June 11th, 2013 and digitally only in Europe yesterday, get acquainted with Seattle-based metal quintet's debut album here (Absolute Punk), where it is streaming in full. INTO THE FLOOD have recently released a video for ‘David Scheinost’ as well, directed by Kyle Bishop and available below. (On the topic of moving pictures, I would highly recommend the new “Man Of Steel” film, while on the topic of vices I wouldn’t recommend it watched in 3D from a third row of an IMAX cinema – the vice-thingy falling solely on shoulders of the anonymous theatre's management personnel. Anyhow, this post will be fairly short as a consequence.) Anyhow, INTO THE FLOOD deserve your attention here (CM Distro North America) and on iTunes (Europe).

Washington state's metal quintet, INTO THE FLOOD, formed in 2010. Combining a vast array of influences to create a punishing blend of brutal metal and post hardcore, INTO THE FLOOD apparently acted as the “go to local band”, asked to open up for touring artists passing through Pacific Northwest for the past few years during which they developed quite a belief system. They state:
“We are a band that believes that you are the start of a positive change in the people that surround you. We believe that you can help communities and cities change. We believe that you have purpose. We are imperfect. We are a group of normal guys that face the same struggles as you do in our everyday lives. We will not judge you for who you are and what you believe because that is not our place in this world. We are simply here to share our testimonies and our love with all of you. Come talk to us!”
INTO THE FLOOD features: Brendan Wilson – vocals, Jacob Sacquitne – guitar, Justin Thacker – guitar, Anthony Taylor – bass and Kevin Brady - drums


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