07 June, 2013

Full Album Stream: Necronomicon: Rise Of The Elder Ones - new album


Inspired by life, death, the cycle of reincarnation and subsequent immortality (and I would venture to add H. P. Lovecraft to the list), Montreal, Canada's NECRONOMICON (a.k.a. “the hunters of the shadows”) are back with their fourth album ‘Rise Of The Elder Ones’, provided in its precise entirety below, courtesy the generous French label Season Of Mist. Now, I’m not as familiar with H. P. Lovecraft's work – if at all – as I suppose I should be, and I was greatly astonished to discover that (the people of “K'n-yan”, sometimes referred to as the) “Old Ones/Elder Ones” actually reside beneath Oklahoma, USA according to the revered author. Nevertheless, we live to learn. ‘Rise Of The Elder Ones’, NECRONOMICON's darkest, meanest album created for one purpose only:  to conquer everything from darkness onto the light, is out now in Europe, June 7th, 2013, and will be released in North America on June 11th, on Season Of Mist. Enjoy the album and help NECRONOMICON in their conquest/buy it here (Season Of Mist e-shop) or download it from iTunes:
“NECRONOMICON conjure epic images of forbidden sights and dark madness with their fourth full-length ‘Rise Of The Elder Ones’. The Canadians fuse the relentless onslaught of DEICIDE and SUFFOCATION with the massive dramatic sense of BEHEMOTH and DIMMU BORGIR, while adding a sinister and heavy melodic approach associated with the Stockholm school of death metal into their own crushing sound. ‘Rise Of The Elder Ones’ witnesses NECRONOMICON fine-tuning their style to perfection,” [the press release instructs:]

NECRONOMICON began in 1988, founded by guitarist and singer Rob “The Witch” Tremblay in the northern part of Canadian province Quebec, called the “Fjord of Saguenay”. Putting quality before quantity, NECRONOMICON took their time. The first physical sign of their unholy activity was put forth in 1992 in form of a demo entitled ‘Morbid Ritual’, followed by ‘The Silver Key’ EP in 1996. Already established on national level, NECRONOMICON's eagerly awaited debut album, 1999's ‘Pharaoh Of Gods’, “became a modern classic over the years; its eerie amalgamation of brutal dark metal and ambient atmospheres was ahead of its time”. NECRONOMICON followed up with a concept album, 2003's ‘The Sacred Medicines’, based on American Native myth – even featuring the “Red Bull” singers from Western Canada's Cree Nation on the title track. After relocating to Montréal and after “thoroughly conquering their homeland”, NECRONOMICON recorded their first international release, 2010's ‘Return Of The Witch’. And the world responded.

NECRONOMICON features: Rob “The Witch” – vocals and guitar, Armaros – bass and Rick – drums

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