06 June, 2013

Beyond All Recognition: Martyrs – new single & video



And to finish this disco evening off in style, here comes the new video from Swedish dubcore pioneers, BEYOND ALL RECOGNITION. Supported by Austrian label Napalm Records, these young Swedes claim to have the ability to “crash your party, to invade your metal world with bad ass dubstep tunes that will make you spill your beer”. They can also “scare your hipster girlfriend with some death metal riffs from hell”- so beware. BEYOND ALL RECOGNITION issued their debut, genre-defining album ingeniously called ‘Drop=Dead’ back in September 2012. The above tune though is an exclusive, previously unreleased track (available in five different versions). Shop BEYOND ALL RECOGNITION here (Napalm Records store).


Hailing from Västerås, Sweden, BEYOND ALL RECOGNITION features: David Söhr – vocals, David Eriksen – guitar, Paul Gidlöf – guitar, Pontus Bergström Warren – bass, Edwin Jansson – drums and DJ Fredrik “Alexius” Eklund





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