14 June, 2013

Full Album Stream: White Wizzard: The Devil's Cut – new album


Well, it turns out WHITE WIZZARD's new album has become available in Europe on June 3rd, 2013 through Earache Records and it is streaming in all its wizardly entirety below, courtesy the label. ‘The Devil's Cut’ will be released in North America on June 25th, 2013 through Earache and Century Media. WHITE WIZZARD's third full-length and the first to feature vocalist Joseph Michael, also features artwork created by Cameron Davis whom quite a few among you probably know as the lead character designer and illustrator for the “Guitar Hero” video game series. Now, equipped with all the necessary knowledge, shop for ‘The Devil's Cut’ here (Earache store Europe) and here (Earache U.S. store) or on iTunes/BandCamp:

Bassist Jon Leon formed WHITE WIZZARD in Los Angeles in 2007, “tired of the down-tuned screamo metal that seemed to be everywhere”. In 2008, WHITE WIZZARD, comprised of vocalist James Paul Luna, guitarist James LaRue, drummer Tyler Meahl, and Jon Leon, released their self-titled EP, showcasing cover art designed by none other than IRON MAIDEN artist Derek Riggs. Tensions which developed within the group after the second EP, 2009's ‘High Speed GTO’, was released, caused Leon to record the band's first full-length, ‘Over The Top’, with completely new line-up, since the rest of the group went on to form not-unsimilar-in-style, HOLY GRAIL. Leon reportedly discovered vocalist Wyatt “Screamin' Demon” Anderson through a MySpace search, guitarist Erik Kluiber apparently sold everything that wouldn’t fit in his truck and simply left with his guitars, some clothing and toiletries in order to live out his dream, and guitarist Chad Yasuhara and drummer Jesse Applehans allegedly sacrificed their homes, jobs, family and women because they were fully committed to spreading the cause of WHITE WIZZARD and traditional heavy metal all over the world. Expanding on the band's traditional heavy metal blueprint, the band's second LP followed through Earache Records in 2011, featuring Anderson on vocals, Leon on bass, Giovanni Durst on drums, and guitarists Cory Nagatoshi and Jake Dreyer:
“Everything with me, with the writing of WHITE WIZZARD, has been pretty much a natural flow, and it’s been exactly what I’ve been feeling at the time and what’s come out of me - none of it’s contrived. I’m just pretty much a RUSH geek and an IRON MAIDEN geek that loves music, that finally got sick of compromising being in different bands and just decided to form this band not caring if ten people showed up, and I still write like that,” [explained Jon Leon, WHITE WIZZARD mastermind]
WHITE WIZZARD features: Joseph Michael – vocals, Jon Leon – guitar and bass, Jake Dreyer – guitar, Will Wallner – guitar and Giovanni Durst - drums

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