16 August, 2013

Omnium Gatherum: The Sonic Sign – new video



I think a collective sigh of relief is in order; the sons of the sea from Kotka, OMNIUM GATHERUM, have a new video out: ‘The Sonic Sign’ is another Olli-Pekka Lappalainen-directed video starring Tomi Pietilä. OMNIUM GATHERUM have already filmed two videos in promotion of their February/March 2013 Lifeforce Records-issued album ‘Beyond’; ‘Formidable’, shot and directed by Hannu Mikkola (probably not the retired world champion rally driver) and Olli-Pekka Lappalainen-directed ‘The Unknowing’, both available for your viewing pleasure below. ‘Beyond’ was recorded with Teemu Aalto (probably not the Finnish professional ice hockey player) and mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö (who needs no introduction), and its art created by Olli Lappalainen. (Now, is this just a coincidence? Are there many Olli Lappalainens in Finland? Could it be that Olli Lappalainen and Olli-Pekka Lappalainen are one and the same? Find the answer to these burning questions by purchasing ‘Beyond’ here and here (Lifeforce Records's store), or via iTunes and Amazon:)

“ ‘Beyond’ is an album that goes beyond all limits of melodic death metal (from the winter wonderland![?]) The album follows the path of ‘New World Shadows’ [2011] and ‘The Redshift’ [2008], but adds a lot of new flavours and spices to the melting pot. It’s our most melodic and versatile album so far but at the same time it still holds, for example, the most brutal death metal growls [and] yet, also some really tasteful cleans vox (between the lines). I’m sure everyone who gives the album [a few] spins can find something new with every turn (so this should be the album that hold up the sands of time and rewards the listeners who are digging deeper and searching something more than just a one hit wonders of the day![?]) Lyrically, ‘Beyond’ is about the culmination point of one's existence. It is a coming home story where the mysteries of duality are melted into oneness but without losing one single point of individuality along the arrival. [Mhm] As you can see from the cover there’s also a strong sense of sea on the album, as we’re the sons of the sea from Kotka,” [clarified things up considerably guitarist Markus Vanhala.]


OMNIUM GATHERUM was formed in 1996 in Kotka, Finland by two Scandinavian melodic death metal/brutal metal enthusiasts guitarist Markus Vanhala and guitarist and vocalist Olli Lappalainen. In 2001, they signed a deal with UK label Rage Of Achilles, through which they released their debut EP ‘Steal The Light’ in 2002. OG's debut full-length, ‘Spirits And August Light’, followed in 2003 and ‘Years In Waste’ came next in 2004 through Nuclear Blast Records. In 2006, OMNIUM GATHERUM replaced long-time singer Antti Filppu by Jukka Pelkonen with whom they recorded ‘Stuck Here On Snakes Way’ album. Issued through Candlelight Records in 2007, the album had entered the Finnish Album Chart at number 31. Following, musician and music producer Dan Swanö commented the band's next recording, 2008's ‘The Redshift’, as follows:

“I hate bands like OMNIUM GATHERUM, they are so good it pisses me off! I actually thought about stealing the record and releasing it as my own.”

He also mixed and mastered the record in question which debuted at number 24 on Finnish Albums Chart. OMNIUM GATHERUM embarked on long European tours with NILE and GRAVE in 2008, and with SWALLOW THE SUN and INSOMNIUM in 2009. In 2010, the group lost their long-time rhythm guitarist Harri Pikka as well as inked a deal with Lifeforce Records. Again working hand in hand with renowned Dan Swanö, OG's fifth full-length, ‘New World Shadows’, followed in 2011:

“While the same old melodic death metal bands appear to reap all the fame and glory, year after year, Finland's OMNIUM GATHERUM have eked a living out of being underrated, sneaking up on unsuspecting listeners who stumble upon their albums and ultimately converting them to their cause, almost without fail,” [observed Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic – more here.]

OMNIUM GATHERUM features: Markus Vanhala – guitar, Jukka Pelkonen – vocals, Jarmo Pikka – drums, Aapo Koivisto – keyboards, Joonas Koto – guitar and Eerik Purdon – current session bassist






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